The smog saga

As the winter has set in, smog in all its might and magnitude has gripped most parts of the country, especially Punjab. Lahore was recently labelled the most polluted city in the world with air quality index (AQI) level of 334, which is way beyond the value set by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Karachi and Peshawar are not doing much better either.
Deforestation, vehicle emissions, industrial pollution, power stations fired with fossil fuel, waste-burning and coal fumes out of brick kilns are some of the major contributors to the menace of smog. The government should keep a check on deforestation, encourage the use of zigzag technology in brick kilns, ensure the reduction of crop burning, issue tickets to owners of smoke-emitting vehicles and handle the industrial sector in a stern manner. The government must step forward to save the people from this severe challenge that disrupts life every year.

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