Nation welcomes 2023 and leaves a stormy year behind

ISLAMABAD: The country welcomed the new year with a packed party in Islamabad and fireworks soaring above Karachi, while hoping for an end to the economic crisis and a return to political normality.

It was a year marked by the conflict in Ukraine, economic stresses and the effects of global warming. But it was also a year that saw a dramatic soccer World Cup, rapid technological change, and efforts to meet climate challenges.

In Pakistan, the residents of the twin cities are excited for the new year making commitments and resolutions to adopt a healthy lifestyle, read more and concentrate on studies or professions in the days to come.

The new year brings new hopes and motivations, it’s like a new beginning for us and we all friends are very much excited and enthusiastic about our new year resolutions and making commitments to follow our resolutions throughout the year, said Shiza Ali, a college student.

Ali said that of plans she made for the new year, she had decided that during this year, she would be more regular in her prayers and would further concentrate on her studies to ensure a good percentage in exams.

She said that she also made a resolution to start regular exercise, avoid fast food and adopt a suitable lifestyle to improve her physical and mental health.

Shahid Saleem, another university student, said he was excited about the new year “as this year I have decided to start my professional life along with my studies to support my parents.”

“Every year, we made so many resolutions out of which we only follow a few. We should make practical resolutions and then work hard to fulfil them for positive change in our lives,” he said.

Salman Karim, a youth from Islamabad, said that this year, he made only one resolution he will reduce his screen time and ensure to spend more time with his family which was more important but is being neglected due to excessive use of mobile phone and social media.

“I also have decided to start some physical games this year to improve my health and stamina,” he added

Shazia Khan, a housewife, while sharing her views said the new year was a great opportunity to make positive changes in her life and thinking. The new year is like a new start which gives us a chance to learn from our past mistakes and make a new beginning with an optimistic mind.

For the new year, she said she had decided to spare some time for social work and would start teaching some street children living near our area to make a positive contribution towards building a healthy society.


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