Chairman PAC writes to CJP requesting information sharing on ‘dam funds’

ISLAMABAD: Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairman Noor Alam Khan has sent a written request to the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Umar Ata Bandial on Wednesday for sharing details of the Supreme Court dam fund created by his predecessor Saqib Nisar.

“Money collected in the dam fund is public money and it is inevitable for the supremacy of the apex court and ensuring transparency to make the details public for information,” wrote the PAC chief.

Noor Alam Khan said that the CJP is therefore requested to ask the principal accounting officer of the Supreme Court to provide details of the fund collected.

He said denying the record of funds by the principal accountant officer of Pakistan for audit was against the Constitution of Pakistan.

The PAC Chairman said, unfortunately, breaking the law and disrespecting the Constitution had become a fashion for few who prioritized personal interest over the national interest to avoid accountability.

“This is public money and accountability for this money is a must, and if those accounts’ information is not shared with the public by the principal accountant officer, it would be a clear violation of the Constitution,” he said.

“The judiciary ensures the supremacy of law and Constitution,” said PAC chairman, requesting the chief justice to take action against those who were denying to provide the record.

The committee also directed the secretary of the Ministry of Water Resources and chairman WAPDA to immediately remove 114 people rehired after their retirement in different projects of different dams.

“To oblige blue-eyed, officers are rehired on lucrative salaries after their retirement,” said the chairman, adding that these people were receiving pensions along with salaries.

The chairman upheld that this practice should be stopped and instead of rehiring retired people, suitable people in departments should be posted in those positions.

“One of the tv actresses, unfortunately, has been hired as an advisor on heritage which is shocking, and she is getting two hundred thousand plus salary and increments per month,” said the chairman.

The PAC also directed the forensic audit of Bhasha Dam, Neelam Dam, Jhelum Dam, Dasu Dam, Mohmand Dam, and K4 project in Karachi.

“A construction company of a [former] federal minister in the previous government broke all records of corruption in Mohmand Dam therefore I am referring these cases to NAB,” said the chairman.


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