China-Pakistan Science and Technology cooperation center inaugurated in Beijing

BEIJING: China-Pakistan Science and Technology Cooperation Centre was inaugurated here on Monday to facilitate the Chinese technology companies to conduct businesses in Pakistan, strengthening bilateral ties and acting as a bridge between the youth of two countries.

Pakistan Ambassador to China, Moin ul Haque and President of Zhongguancun Belt and Road Industrial Promotion Association (ZBRA), Zhang Xiaodong inaugurated the center while Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA) joined virtually from Pakistan.

The center, a joint project by ZBRA and STZA, will act as a platform between China and Pakistan for facilitating the Chinese technology companies to conduct businesses in special technology zones (STZs) in Pakistan; strengthening bilateral ties in cooperation in science and technology; assisting Chinese technology companies in terms of regulatory landscape of Pakistan; and acting as a bridge between the youth of the two countries.

Addressing the audience, Ambassador Moin ul Haque spoke at length about the increased importance of science and technology cooperation in the bilateral economic and development agenda, including under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

He briefed about the government’s vision to create a digital ecosystem with infrastructure and institutional frameworks by ensuring the availability of accessible, affordable, reliable and high-quality ICT services.

The overarching objective remains improving citizen’s quality of life and their economic well-being. In this regard, he highlighted that the Pakistani youth, forming 60% of the total population, who are skilled, computer-literate and tech-savvy would play an important role in strengthening the bilateral science and technology cooperation.

Other speakers included Liu Jianxing, Director of International Cooperation, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC); Zhang Xiaodong, President ZBRA; Hamza Saeed, Director Strategic Planning, STZA; and Yang Dongri, Director of China Center for Information Industry Development Institute, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

During their remarks, the speakers highlighted various aspects of high-quality development cooperation between Pakistan and China and the role of IT, and science and technology in further strengthening this developmental agenda. They put forth their suggestions to further enhance the effective working of the newly-inaugurated Centre.

Among the attendees were representatives from NDRC, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Beijing Investment Promotion Center, the Beijing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, etc., as well as enterprises and development zones across different provinces of China and Pakistan. More than 3,600 people viewed the event through various live streaming platforms.

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