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Pakistan Defense Day

Pakistan Defense Day is such an occasion when the entire nation expresses its solidarity with the Pakistan Army and vows to stand side by side with the Pakistan Army at all times. The Pakistan Army and the people have never despondent each other in any trial. In this regard, the 6th of September is a memorable day when the Pakistan Army and the entire nation defended their independence and national dignity against Indian aggression, on that day, patriotic Pakistanis showed an unprecedented solidarity with their armed forces. Verily, it was a memorable demonstration and in the war, there was such a joint struggle of the Pakistani nation and the armed forces that will continue to be a beacon of light for future generations.

It is an undisputed fact that the test of faith, character, courage and sincerity of the nation takes place only in war. In this matter, the war of September 6, 1965 is a living example in which the Pakistani nation and the forces of Pakistan cumulatively proved that they are devoted to the spirit of dying for the freedom of the country. This spirit of self-sacrifice was such a capital that shattered all the dreams of a power many times greater in numbers and weapons than us, and all their plans and pride were mixed in the dust. The Pakistani forces and the nation has made eternal sacrifices together in 1965 war and it is an outcome of the exemplary and eternal sacrifices of these children of Pakistan that Defense Day is a bright chapter in the history of Pakistan and we have a prestigious place in this historical chapter.

There is no doubt that India has never recognized Pakistan wholeheartedly from day one and in the pride of its power always looks for an opportunity to act against Pakistan. On September 6, 1965, India attacked Lahore by being drunk with power. Whereas India has always looked greedily at Lahore, the Indian forces also have dreams of having breakfast in Lahore. India’s historic city of Amritsar is just from Lahore 28 km away and the Indian army had invaded Pakistan with the impure intention of having morning breakfast in Lahore but these nefarious and impure intentions of the enemy were thwarted by the zealous, fearless, brave and spirit of martyrdom of the Pakistan Army. The dedicated youth of Pakistan armed forces crushed the enemy in a few days and cut the teeth on every front of the foe in such a way that it will not forget this historic defeat for the rest of its life.

India has not forgotten the war of September 6, 1965 despite its millions of efforts. If this war is evaluated impartially and without emotion, it comes out that Pakistan easily imprisoned the big rebellious and bloodthirsty victim in a small net.

India has not forgotten the war of September 6, 1965 despite its millions of efforts. If this war is evaluated impartially and without emotion, it comes out that Pakistan easily imprisoned the big rebellious and bloodthirsty victim in a small net. All this was achieved by following the principles of faith, unity and discipline as told by the Quaid-i-Azam and if we look at it from any angle, this principle has been the central axis of Pakistan’s success in this war. The unity found by the Pakistani nation for the protection of ideological and geographical borders was an unprecedented practical demonstration of erasing all differences and uniting to defeat the enemy. Pakistan still desperately needs the spirit of September 6, Pakistan Army still needs us as a nation, and there is a need for national unity, because the requirements of national defense are still facing huge challenges.

Undoubtedly, the forces of Pakistan are trying day and night to deal with the internal and external challenges facing the country, but we as a nation have to give them full support to thwart all conspiracies against the country. Anti-national forces are capable of creating differences between the forces of Pakistan and the people. So, we have to thwart all these conspiracies together and on this Defense Day, let us pledge together that whenever the defense of Pakistan needs us, the children of Pakistan will fully defend the motherland together with the forces of Pakistan because Pakistan is once again going through the most critical period of its history. Solidarity is greatly needed in these critical times. Pakistan Army is standing firm on all fronts for the defense of the homeland. On the one hand, Pakistan are facing a fierce and weak enemy like India and on the other hand, we are having to deal with external and internal distractions. The Pakistan Army is also fighting on the internal front along with the defense of the borders, which is on the verge of hollowing out the borders of this Pakistani land but the Pakistani forces are determined to defeat every plot and stance of the enemy. On this Defense Day, the entire nation raises its hands with the pledge of allegiance and prays that Allah Almighty may save the country from the problems it is facing and may the Pakistan Armed forces always be successful in defending the beloved country (Amen).

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Attiya Munawer
Attiya Munawer
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