Imran stresses more dams, drainage system to avoid floods

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday visited flood-hit areas in Rojhan city of Rajanpur district and again reiterated the need for improving drainage system and building more dams in the country.

Speaking after meeting flood affectees and reviewing arrangements for them in Rojhan, Khan said that if there would have been two dams in the city, the devastation from floods could have been minimized.

“We need to build dams for storing water but Wapda unfortunately only invests in reservoirs that produces electricity,” he said, adding that improved drainage system was also need of the hour for the proper release of flood water.

He said that floods have devastated the country and thousands of acres of agricultural land is now under water. “PDMA should now actively play its role to assess the losses of infrastructure and harvest so that proper rehabilitation could be carried out keeping in view the data,” he said.

Imran Khan asked the PTI lawmakers to stay among the flood affectees in their respective areas so that their needs could be catered on immediate basis. “I know the people in flood-hit areas are in distress but once these areas are de-watered, it will increase harvest in their area,” Khan said.

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