Patriotism on forcible sale in Modi’s ‘prosperous India’

At a time when millions of Indians are desperately striving to provide their families food and shelter in ever-increasing inflationary pressures, the government had made it mandatory for people to buy Tiranga (tricolor) in Modi’s India.

People from all across India have expressed serious resentment over the forcible sale of Indian flag with assertions that instead of facilitating people in getting food and ration the government was forcibly ‘selling them patriotism.

During the last week of July, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi had announced ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ drive under which every house would display the Indian national flag from August 13 to August 15 to observe 75th anniversary of Independence.

However, instead of encouraging volunteer participation in the drive and provide free of cost flags to people, the Indian government had made it mandatory for all citizens to buy tricolours. Different tactics are being utilized to force people buy the flags and forcibly implement the campaign.

“It is the poor which always pays the price in the name of patriotism!,” wrote Ashok Swain, Professor of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University while sharing video of angry Indian citizens who have been forced to buy flags.

“According to this report, If poor ration card holders go to depot to get the ration for this month, they were asked to buy a tricolor, No ration if you don’t buy Tricolour,” tweeted Mohammad Zubair while sharing video from Haryana province.

Raj Bhads Aviator tweeted that 38 Rupees will be deducted from the salary of railway employees for ‘purchase’ of Tiranga. It does not matter whether they want it or not.
Depicting picture of homeless people, another Chandni tweeted in Hindi “They have tricolor with them. Looking for home!”

Some people have blamed the Indian government for launching the campaign to benefit financially those who they like Gowdam wrote “30 rs deducted from all the govt staffs without any notice from ration shops and all these amounts nearly 20000 crores package for Ambani’s polyester company. This is independence Day gift,”
People have also made sarcastic remarks, criticizing government and parliamentarians for not providing tricolour free of cost.

“Those councilors buy MLAs and MPs.” They also topple governments on the strength of money, But they do not have the money to give one tricolor free to every house,” writes Ehtesham Khan.

Some people have termed the Har Ghar Tiranga a scame for minting money from people “A daily tale in India, poor getting ripped off. You won’t get ration if you won’t buy a flag for Rs 20. Govt can make films tax free or even distribute tickets for free but a poor has to sacrifice his food if he can’t pay for flag,” wrote Umesh Talashi.
Even some BJP leaders did not remain behind and criticized the government for selling tricolor. BJB Member Parliaments Varun Gandhi said it would be “unfortunate if celebrations to mark the 75th anniversary of Independence become a burden for the poor”.

It is “shameful,” he wrote in a tweet, to take the last bit of food from the needy in order to pay for the “Tiranga,” he tweeted according to media reports from India.
Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has also criticized Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) of selling “nationalism” and hurting the poor’s self-respect, according to Outlook India .


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