Chances of heavy intermittent rainfall in Karachi from July 2 evening: chief meteorologist

Chief Meteorologist at the Pakistan Meteorological Department, Dr Sardar Sarfaraz, on Thursday said that there are chances of Karachi receiving heavy intermittent rainfall starting on the evening or night of July 2.

Speaking to private Tv news channel, Dr Sarfaraz said the weather will likely remain partly cloudy in Karachi today and Friday, with a chance of light rain today morning and night.
He said that winds from Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea entered Sialkot and Narowal last night and that today these winds will enter the upper part of the country with greater intensity.

The intensity of the first spell of monsoon will remain higher in Sindh, the chief meteorologist said, adding that from July 2, these winds will affect East Sindh.
The chief meteorologist warned that prior to rain, strong winds may blow, at speeds of up to 81km per hour.

He said that if the monsoon system only lightly touches Karachi before passing by, 50-70mm rain may fall, but if the centre of the system passes through Karachi, more than 100mm of rain may fall.

Dr Sarfaraz said the city is at a grave risk of urban flooding.

Warning fishermen, he said there will be big tidal waves from July 3 to 5, so they should be careful venturing into the sea.


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