Aristotle aptly said, ” poverty is the parent of revolution and crime. “poverty means hunger, lack of shelter, lack of education facilities. Is it has known as Pakistan is recognized amount one of the developing country in the world, but still poverty is a big problem in Pakistan, according to a estimate around 210 million people and around 245 percent is live below the poverty line. The government seem not keep to solve the poverty of the reasons of poverty is corruption. The government officials are only doing policies. They are aware what is being passed on poor people? but still they are silent, the officials of Pakistan government are involve in corruption, they are in business of making more and more money, instead of fulfilling their duty. unfortunately, rich are being rich poor are being poor and matters are being deteriorated day by day. According, to a another report around poverty declined to 11.2 percent in 2018,2019.povery in both rural and urban areas declining with poverty headcount of 12.5 percent in rural areas as latest statistics. As per latest yearly statistics 58.6 percent of Balochistan,24.2 per cent of kpk,27.7 percent of Sindh and 14.2 percent of Punjab. Similarly, 11.2 percent of Pakistan’s poor lived in Balochistan,17.6 percent lived in KPK,28.0 percent lived in Sindh, and 39.55 percent lived in Punjab. Morever, it is clear that Pakistan is an Agricultural country, most of population is engaged in agriculture, and we know that by farming one only feed his children and can’t afford other facilities, education system in Pakistan is equal to nothing. They are deprived from modern techniques of education because poverty inflation rate is high. However, literacy rate increase in all province, k p k (54.1 percent to 55.3) Punjab,(61.9 percent to 64.7,) and Balochistan (54.3 percent to 65.5) except Sindh (63.0 percent to 62.2). Our leader know how to finish poverty? but they are silent, they are left poor people to die, by poverty unemployed is increasing day by day that is the main cause of social crimes. For earning money the mostly youth of the country are found in making crimes. As Mahatma Gandhi said truly there are people in the world so hunger, that God can’t appear to them except in the form of bread.

Mahtab Abdullatif


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