Addressing increasing deadly gutka consumption

I want to draw your kind attention towards the eating Gutka by different age of people in our locality. Gutka, a combination of arecanut, slaked lime, paraffin and katechu along with tobacco, is virtually poison. Promoted as a mouth freshener.

People get addicted to it as gutka is reported to have stimulant and relaxation effects. While most consumers believe that the blend is not harmful, doctors, especially oncologists, say consumption of gutka is more harmful than any other form of tobacco. Overall, people can develop cancers of mouth, throat, lung and Oesophagus; heart disease and related ailments. While most youngsters get easily addicted to it, women are also in the habit of chewing Tobacco. I here request you to take kind action against it so that we can save our society from danger. Thanking you in advance.

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Hasan Noor Umer Ansari


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