Perpetual protesting

Our politicians belonging to all parties do not learn any lesson from history or their mistakes. They never work to make the country strong and a harmonious state where rich and poor can lead life peacefully. Instead of working collaboratively to lay the foundations of a strong economy, they are always fighting for power claiming that they are the only ones who can take the country out of crises.

They tend to imply that they were immune to human error. Every party delivers lengthy sermons glorifying themselves and blaming their opponents for all the ills. Little do they realize that they have all now had their go at power, yet they are unable to distinguish between good and bad. All parties proclaim to be the champions of democracy, but they have yet not been able to agree on an election process that would ensure a process everyone agrees to. Every time elections are held; the winners claim the process to be fair and transparent and the losers cry foul.

Our politicians are so self-centered that they would term an election flawed where they lose while claiming fair victory in constituencies they win. In 2008 the PPP was happy with results while PMLN and PTI alleged rigging. In 2013, PMLN claimed victory in a fair manner but PPP and PTI called it ROs election. PTI and PPP kept protesting and conspiring to dislodge the government. However, both PPP and PTI were perfectly fine with the same election in Sindh and KPK where they won the provincial governments.

In 2018, PTI came victorious calling it a transparent process while PMLN and PPP termed it selection. This time around, PMLN, PPP, and others formed PDM to topple the government. From 2008 to date, our politicians have done little on the front of lawmaking and strengthen the country. Instead, the opposition spent most of the time protesting to topple the government and the party in power kept trying to cling on to it. This ugly game continues while the country is sinking to point of total collapse. It is ironic that our politicians fail to democratically agree on lawmaking for a fair election and still cry foul every time they lose.

Their infighting and constant attempts to topple the party in power has brought the country to the brink of collapse but they fail to realize the gravity of the situation continuing with their selfish ways.

Raja Shafaatullah


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