No library in Herronk

In recent decades, Herronk has been through multifarious phases of deprivations and yet no extrinsic assists have reached so far to resolve these specified issues. The total population of Herronk is approximately 15,000 and availability of resources or facilitations for such a little population should not have been an issue. Despite of being situated nearly 60 kilometers from the second biggest city of Balochistan (Turbat), it is still cryptic to perceive that the residents of the village clench the occupation of twenty-first century remains still cultivation, tending sheep, and shop-keeping. Apart from the failed education system Herronk also lacks the number of library. Library is reckoned the most integral facet of any society in term of gaining knowledge and it too is a huge prospect of learning mechanism. Library has an educational environment and such circumstances create congruous motivations for students and it also creates an educational mentality among the students. In library, students initiate engaging with multitudinous collections of the knowledgeable books and sometimes even they would be counselled by scholars and intellectuals within the library. Haplessly, Herronk has a single library without any well-organized facilitations and a very shabby structure with limited chairs and tables including a few course related books and most of the books are locked in the shelves and are not given to the students. The library opens at 9:00 PM and closes at 1:00 PM which is a critical timing for school students as they are in schools. The timing is just suitable for graduate students and most of them are out of the village. The total number of the students in the library are nearly three or four and sometimes there is no students in the library. Moreover, the library does not have enough access to water and without any toilets. The unavailability of newspapers in the library is also a tremendous issue and students are unable to be in touched with the current issues and the absence of internet has even made it worse. The management is comprehensively failed to make the library fully functional for the students. Resultantly, the bad scenario of the library in Herronk has discouraged the zealous interest of reading within the students. The government should work on the provision of the necessary facilities for the library and take some measures to ensure the well-functioning of the library and its management.

Mehraj Altaf


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