Climate change and Pakistan

As we know that the whole world is shaken worstly by the covid19 pandamic but also climate change became an other lethal challenge is being faced by the world. Pakistan is one of those countries which is became most effected country by the climate change that is confronting the overall population of it.The major diseases grown up by the climate change that effected the lives of population. Moreover our all actions are against of nature and sharpening the climate change to rise up. All people from different corners of the country have no attention on nature and every one is just for their own profits and ignored the nature. It is already known that climate change is a major issue but still pushing it up. On the other hand Balochistan agriculture is being adversely effected by the climate change at the time. Agricultures are the tireless efforts of farmers who created for life use production in their livelihood but they are going in vein due to climate change. I urge to every countrymen across the country to keep full attention on nature. There is a need urgently to put an end to climate change and protect the earth as well as the life on the earth.
Altaf Adam

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