Street Crime

Sir! As we know that in a country like Pakistan, street crime is very common. Street crime is a loose term for any criminal offense in a public place. The other examples of street crime include pickpocketing, carjacking, armed robberies, the open illegal drug trade, vandalism of public property, and assaults. The majority of street crimes are initiated by criminals seeking quick financial gains. Almost everyone has a story to tell about having a purse or a wallet stolen. Street crimes are often amplified by the expansion and creation of gangs that propagate and reinforce these types of street culture behaviors. Poverty, unemployment, and parental neglect may also lead to street crimes.

Due to street crimes, people face a lot of difficulties in their daily life. They feel unsafe while going out. We can reduce street crimes by monitoring public surveillance cameras, making use of DNA evidence, use and expand drug courts. Also, there should be high police alert in the streets especially at night to avoid street crimes.

Dua Malik


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