Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Wednesday held Prime Minister Imran Khan responsible for for the suffering the citizens of Kashmir.
Addressing a gathering of party workers at Kashmir House Islamabad on Wednesday to mark Kashmir’s founding day, the PML-N VP expressed her sympathies with Kashmir, and said: “when your sons are martyred, our souls are hurt.”
“When a weak prime minister comes into power who does not come with people’s power and votes […] when there is a weak government, then an enemy like India strikes,” she said.
“When there is a government like that of Mian Nawaz Sharif then someone like Modi himself walks and comes [to Pakistan]. This is the difference between a real and fake prime minister. This is why it is necessary to give respect to the vote,” she added.
Maryam alleged that the reason behind her arrest had been to prevent her from exposing PM Imran’s “incompetence”.
She said that her father and party supreme leader Nawaz’s voice had been “muffled” but his “struggle and his narrative” along with the people’s support had spread awareness of his message to every corner of the country.
“Nawaz Sharif is not just an ideology. His voice is booming in Pakistan today because behind his ideology is a history of service and actions.”
She accused PM Imran of being an army apologist and hypocrite. She pointed out that for 12 years, Imran had spoken against the army, but now that he was in power, he would not let anyone speak up.
“If you want to make a case on anyone speaking against the army, then there is Imran Khan’s history of 12 years. With what face do you say we [and] Nawaz talk against the army?” she questioned.
She said that the country was more prosperous under Nawaz Sharif, and this made sure that the “soldier at the frontier was content knowing that if I am sacrificing my life then the stove at my house will continue to burn.”
“There are many honest and patriotic people in the Pakistan Army,” she said. “Not everyone has haram income.”
“This is such an unjust government that perhaps for the first time the salaries of soldiers have not been raised,” she added.
PML-N senior leader Ahsan Iqbal said that PM Imran needs to be separated from the country’s government in order to “stop Pakistan from destruction”.
Ahsan said that the PML-N would not bargain on the Kashmir issue, and accused PM Imran of having betrayed the people of the disputed territory. Ahsan said that if the PML-N came into power, they would file a case of treason against Imran.
Ahsan pointed out that the United Nations had classified the area as a disputed territory and that “no Indian government had the courage to change the disputed status of the territory” until last year.
He said that under the leadership of PM Imran, the country’s defence had been “weakened so much” that Indian Prime Minister Modi was able to invade Kashmir. He accused the premier of having “bargained away” Kashmir in a meeting with United States President Donald Trump.
He further said that the armed forces of both countries kept track of the movement of troops in the others’ territory and the PM had been informed of India’s plans but he did not act on the advice of “intelligence agencies”.
Ahsan said that the ruling party had been “deaf and dumb” and that the PML-N “will fight, our children will fight until we gain independence for Kashmir.”


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