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Woman gang-raped in husband’s presence in village near Lahore

SHEIKHUPURA: A man was allegedly held hostage as multiple men gang-raped his wife in Kala Shah Kaku, a town in Sheikhupura district police said on Friday.

The couple had travelled from Rawalpindi to Lahore in search of work and were sitting outside the Minar-e-Pakistan when a conman tricked them into coming with him to his village, said District Police Officer (DPO) Sheikhupura Salahuddin.

The impoverished couple was lured to the village on the promise of jobs and shelter, but as they arrived, they were held, hostage. According to the woman, she was gang-raped by four or five men in her husband’s presence.

The case has been registered and an investigation is being conducted, and six suspects have been arrested already, said the police.

The DPO added that the woman’s DNA samples have been collected by the Punjab Forensic Science Agency.

This incident took place shortly after the infamous motorway rape case which sparked outrage across the country. In that case, a woman had been travelling on the Lahore-Sialkot highway when her car ran out of fuel at the Gujjarpura section of the motorway.

There had been no reply from the motorway police helpline, and the woman had sent her location to her relative who lived in Gujranwala.

In this time, two men approached her car, broke the window, and raped the woman in front of her children before fleeing with her belongings. Reportedly, they snatched her purse carrying Rs100,000 in cash, one bracelet, car registration papers, and three ATM cards.