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Pareto analysis for political clean-up

  • Applying management methods to politics

In Quality Management, a Pareto Analysis is carried out to prioritize corrective action. The purpose is to separate the vital few from the trivial many for an effective outcome. As the land of the pure is undergoing a clean-up operation to regain its purity, it is important to resolve the vital few instead of running after the trivial many as is being pushed by the unscrupulous political elements to survive.

According to my Pareto Analysis for an effective political clean-up the focus has to be on the first four vital corrupt elements, namely: I-Sharif, II-Zardari, III-Chaudhry, IV-Electables while the four trivial can be addressed later that include: V-MQM, VI-Religious Parties, VII-PTI, VIII-GDA. No one should escape accountability but focus and prioritization is important for a clean-up.

The Sharifs lead the pack of the corrupt as they face the highest number of corruption cases in their roughly three decades of rule with Zardari (Not the Bhuttos) is a close second. The Chaudhrys of Gujrat, who were the founders of corruption-driven politics under the patronage of Ayub Khan, come third. The evergreen electables keep going while stalling reforms in this vital sector. They jump from party to party to cling on to power to protect their wealth and privileges and hoping to get the top slot one day. Some of them profit from their dead by clinging to be caretakers (mujawars) of their earthly remains.

Mian Muhammad Sharif, a small foundryman was the founder of this political dynasty. He very skillfully continued his corrupt business practices with state power through his oldest son Nawaz Sharif (NS), first as a provincial minister, then Chief Minister and finally Prime Minister. From a small foundry on Fleming Road where manhole lids were produced, stolen, recycled to the local municipality, he built an empire. When the menace became un-manageable it was decided to replace the metal lids with concrete.

The worst period for the country was when one brother was running the province and the other the federation. Burning of vital records was their standard practice to erase trails. To get their way, almost all national institutions were rendered non-functional. Their dream of total control remains unfulfilled as the Armed Forces stand in their way. Their slogan of ‘Vote Ko Izzat Do’ is the biggest joke coming from back door entrant to politics.

Asif Zardari was always impressed by the Sharifs’ ability to generate wealth while avoiding conviction. Zardari succeeded where even Zia failed. At the cost of Bhutto’s legacy and sacrifices he has been able to build his financial empire that runs into billions of dollars, closely competing with the Sharifs of Lahore. While Zia is accused of killing Shahnawaz and ZulfiKar Ali Bhutto, Zardari has been blamed for the murder of Murtaza and Benazir Bhutto. Recently I read that even the wedding of Zardari with daughter of the East was staged by Zia to neutralize her threat to the establishment.

A separate tribunal or a Truth and Reconciliation or an Assets Reconciliation Commission may be required. The Pareto Chart if followed can effectively clean-up the political arena, but the analysis must continue to ensure credible politics as it was in the periods of 1947 to 1958 and then 1971 to 1977, the two real democratic eras

Chaudhry Zahoor Elahi, a dismissed sub-inspector of Police, was the founder of the Chaudhrys’ political dynasty. Ayub Khan wanted to counter the growing influence of Governor Malik Amir Muhammad Khan through a compliant and corrupt lackey. The autocratic Malik, who was financially honest, disliked the politician from Gujarat who was willing to compromise for wealth and power.

Starting from one bungalow in FCC Scheme the Chaudhrys now own a major portion of the street. It is now called Zahoor Elahi Road from where the empire operates while roads are blocked by their guards, visitors and opportunity-seeking politicians. On one hand they stall corruption cases against them while on the other they seek relief claiming that the investigations are time-barred. Because of our political realities the PM is in alliance with their PML(Q), but is unwilling to accommodate the next generation, so as to end this legacy of political corruption.

After the 1985 partyless elections the electables, or lotas as they are called, emerged as a major threat to democracy which has to be dealt with to close the Zia era. In the 1970 elections the ideology-driven People’s Party knocked out most of the electables created by the first dictator. Again the PTI was denied an election victory in 2013 to protect status-quo electables. Kaptaan was hospitalized, and there was no one left to lead the spontaneous protest of the youth that erupted when their vote was stolen by PML(N) in Lahore. Both Khawaja Saad Rafique and Ayaz Sadiq were de-seated by the election tribunal, Hamid Khan was also denied victory.

Now that political cleansing has started it must lead to conviction or in no sense for a logical close. Unfortunately common law is unable to control white collar crimes as there are no trails or witnesses. There is no murder if the weapon or the body is not discovered. The process of bails and appeals is unending. While some believe that, ‘justice delayed is justice denied’ others are of the opinion that, ‘justice rushed is justice crushed’. In order to move forward and to reverse the effects of four martial laws the stalemate to clean-up has to be overcome. A separate tribunal or a Truth and Reconciliation or an Assets Reconciliation Commission may be required. The Pareto Chart if followed can effectively clean-up the political arena, but the analysis must continue to ensure credible politics as it was in the periods of 1947 to 1958 and then 1971 to 1977, the two real democratic eras.


  1. sheep head said:

    Sheep-head IK should request XI to declare Nawaz and Zardari as international terrorists at UN and hang them under Mily Anti Terrorist Court?

  2. Jamshed Khan said:

    Just like Mujib ur Rehman was an agent of India as established through the Agartala Conspiracy case, so are both Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari agents of India. Both these bloody idiots systematically damaged Pakistan’s vital interests quite deliberately at the behest if India.

  3. Jamshed Khan said:

    Pakistan’s authorities should have indicted both these bloody idiots through the overwhelming evidence of their collaboration with India. Pakistan’s ISI has all the evidence they need to indict both Nawaz Sharif and Zardari for being bloody agents of India. Both these guys deserve the firing squad.

    • Pareto said:

      You are a Khan and Khan’s do not have brains. How did Sharif damage Pakistan’s interests?

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  5. Farid A Malik said:

    Conviction through common law is almost impossible, there has to be a separate tribunal or Assets Reconciliation Commission to clean up the mess of the last forty years ( 1977 to 2018 0.

  6. Pareto said:

    A thorough study of economic decisions reveals that Sharif took best measures ever. PTI might have bought a few authors for peanuts but the party is doomed.

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