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 Over population is becoming a serious issue in Pakistan, where the population is larger then the country as the population is increasing day by day, the current population of Pakistan is 208.57 million. Over population effects on the economic development in the developing countries like Pakistan, one of the mein reasons of poverty, illiteracy, and low living standards in our country is high rated population growth. Pakistan faces many difficulties because of this overpopulation. Pakistan is 5th highest populated country in the world but it makes up 0.59% of the earth surface. If we compare Pakistan with other highly populated nations Pakistan has the smallest amount of space, it means Pakistan deals with the more difficulties then other highly populated countries. Our  education system also suffers because of this over population, it will effect our agriculture production also because if the population continues to increase, families will resort to using agricultural lands for settlement as the urban areas become more crowded so this will decrease agricultural production there are many more things on which over population effects. Our next generation will face much more hard time then us because if the population continues to grow like this, problem will also increase with it, so the government should take the step to stop population growth rate.

Urooj Nadeem 

Hyderabad city

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