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Local patriots outraged after movement for compatriots’ rights credited to foreign country

NATIONWIDE – Local patriots expressed their outrage in numbers after finding out that an indigenous movement to uphold the rights and dignity of their compatriots was being credited to a foreign country.

With protests organised all over the country, senior patriots have informed The Dependent that they’ve had enough of foreign countries taking all the praise for locals’ efforts.

“As a truly proud patriot it hurts me to see that some among us – in fact many among us – are trying to suggest that foreign countries care more about the rights of our citizens that we do ourselves,” one senior members said.

“Locals start the movement, locals spread the movement, and locals together make it big – all for the betterment and uplift of locals. But somehow people start saying and believing that it had nothing to do with locals,” another proud patriot added.

The protest that began on social media has culminated in a mass gathering at a provincial capital, with local patriots using the #PatriotsLongMarch2ProvincialCapital hashtag.

“We have seen this discrediting and miscrediting of other compatriots of ours as well, and as their compatriots and as true patriots it is our responsibility to make sure to clarify these misgivings and do the right thing,” an organiser of the Patriotic March told The Dependent.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.

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