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Sushma Swaraj to grant visa to parents of Pakistani boy detained in India

New Delhi: Indian Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday an extended visa to parents of a juvenile Pakistan national who has been lodged in Amritsar jail since May 2013 reported

Responding to Pakistani author Mehr Tarar, who had tweeted about a Pakistani juvenile incarcerated in an Amritsar jail, Swaraj, in a series of tweets, said that she would extend a visa to the family to visit India and identify their son.

In one of the series of tweets on the matter, Sushma Swaraj responded, “Mehr Tarar – I have got a detailed report. There are five Pakistan nationals who are unable to speak and hear…Pakistan has not confirmed their nationality. There is a juvenile around 12 years old in Faridkot Observation Home…We are waiting for Pakistan to confirm his nationality as well.”

“My information is that Master Hammad Hassan went missing in 2013. The juvenile with us was apprehended in 2017. However, if the parents believe that the juvenile we have is their son, we are prepared to give them visa. They may visit India, meet him and confirm for themselves,” she tweeted detailing the author.

On December 2, Mehr Tarar wrote to Sushma Swaraj informing her about a boy being lodged in an Amritsar jail. Swaraj took notice of the tweet and asked for more details. Mehr Tarar, on December 5, tweeted that the boy’s name is Hammad Hassan who is a native of Pasrur, Punjab. The information has that the boy went missing in 2013 when he was 12-years-old.

Thanking Swaraj, even more, Tarar wrote: “Mrs Swaraj uses Twitter as a way to give and receive information, & she actually follows up on people’s requests & issues. I can’t think of any other office-holder of her position being so responsive & helpful via Twitter. Thank you, Ma’am Minister.”

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