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PTI becomes first ISO 9000-certified party

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has become the first political party in Pakistan to become ISO 9000 certified.
Addressing the details at a press conference on Thursday, party’s provincial information secretary Andleeb Abbas said that the ISO 9000 was an international quality management system which ensures professional organization, quality standards and accountable governance in institution. She said that the biggest defect in political parties in Pakistan and South Asia was a lack of management system and accountability which prevented a party from become dependent on personality and more performance-oriented.
“ISO 9000 is a system which will create transparency in its operations from top to bottom where all structures and procedures will be documented according to the international best practices and quality checks will be helpful to ensure that these systems are being adhered to by each party member regardless of his ranks and position in the party”.
“This system is the true representative of the democracy as it will make the rank and file of any party to follow the same standards of performance and accountability” she said.
Punjab PTI General Secretary Dr Yasmin Rashid said that the PTI had always been the pioneer in doing news things. PTi is the first party to hold intra party elections and now it is taking lead to institutionalize its party operation by having an external auditing firm to access its systems procedures and processes.
Punjab PTI President Ejaz Chaudhry said that it was the great moment for the political history in Pakistan as PTI took lead in the whole region of south Asia to adopt ISO 9000. He said no other party in Pakistan had the courage to come out and publish its accounts on the web as being done by PTI.

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  1. farah said:

    if PTI has got this certification then the concerned authority or person must know it is not ISO 9000…it is ISO 9001 (QMS)…ISO 9000 is fundamentals and vocabulary

  2. Repliki zegark?3w said:

    French chefs are hardly alone. There has been a growing backlash in the United States to intrusive photo-taking, with some top-tier restaurants banning photography.

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