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PTI’s Ishaq Khakwani loses after re-count

Senior Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Ishaq Khan Khakwani lost to a PML-N candidate after re-count for the National Assembly seat from Vehari, NA-168.

Speaking to media persons, Khaqwani expressed lack of trust over performance of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

He said that he had got 55, 000 votes, but returning officers did not cooperate and refused to show votes.

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  1. Guest said:

    You didn't even bother to check the name of the PML-N candidate who won before posting this? Were in that much of a hurry to post it? At least one should get complete info before running into posting a news story. I came here to see who on PML-N's panel won against Mr. Khakwani.

  2. Fahad said:

    you can check that candidates name on ECP website my friend. 🙂
    search the related NA.

  3. Abid Ali Durrani said:

    Following is ECP's Scrutinized Final Result at NA-168

    Sajid MehdiPakistan Muslim League (N)69012
    Ishaq Khan KhakwaniPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf54263
    Natasha DaultanaPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians42283
    Mohtarma Arifa Nazir JuttIndependent17405

    Syed Muhammad Afzal BukhariAwami National Party826

    Muhammad Nawaz Khan hans AdvocateMuttahidda Qaumi Movement510
    Hafiz Muhammad Iqbal KharalIndependent422
    Abdul khaliq KalalIndependent512
    Mehr Ijaz AhmadIndependent218
    Muhammad AmjadJamiat Ulma-e-Pakistan (Noorani)538
    Sajid Sahrif ArianIndependent427

    mehrShahadat Ali sialIndependent289
    Raye Tariq Iqbal KharalPakistan Kissan Ittehad985

    • U.S. said:

      toh her jaga kera do na re counting patwariyo… LEAK q hny lagti hai tum logo ki

  4. jamshaid said:

    ECP Announced ,
    1. Sajid Mehdi PML(N) ===> 69012
    2. Ishaq Khan Khakwani ===> 54263

  5. Zarak said:

    Sajid Mehdi of PML(N) won the seat from this Halka… and Ishaq Khakwani requested for a recount. The returning officer was told by the ECP to give the recount results by 20th May. So, this news, that Ishaq Khakwani has lost after a recount is not true :). just saw it on Geo as well.

  6. Javed Iqbal said:

    This is big swing after a recount and proves that ECP officials are incompetent.

    They were on drugs while counting either first time or the second time or willfully manipulated the results on either one of the two counts. This incident also puts a question mark on the integrity of the election results from rest of the country.

  7. Mohammad Akram said:

    The process of recounting is doggy First they should make sure the right number of votes in that Polling Station Then find out number of bogus votes caste The best way to resolve is with scanning of thumb impressions NADRA got machines to do that part EC failed Especially RO were perhaps paid for not to do their jobs properly They are to be blamed for stealing the votes of voters SC should step in to minimize the tension in the country.

  8. salim khan, Lahore said:

    Planned elections made to win pmln, and to weaken the pti positions. many confirmed seats of pti were looted by the establishment through planned rigging. The only solution is the verification through thumb impression. I am astonished, if the elections are transparent then why ECP do not order for thumb impression verification. what is the problem in doing so. But they are afraid and know that the whole drama of planned rigging will be disclosed.

  9. Dr Aslam Butt said:

    A fool-proof counting mechanism should be adopted by the ECP. Design ballot papers in such a way that Counting Machines could be used. ECP should think of providing on-line-ballotting facility in the next general elections ( at least in the major cities) . In the meantime, cashiers of various banks may be deployed for a re-check of counting before the results are compiled /announced by the Returning officer.

  10. Sultan Durrani said:

    ECP is a club of above 70 retired people, dancing to the tune of PML-N. The said news is also out come of the same cooking at ECP, so that desired results could be announced on 20th May. All this election drama is a frace and only effort by those pulling the strings to declare by hook or crook that PML_N has won.

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