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Aleem Khan elected PTI District President Lahore

Abdul Aleem Khan on Wednesday was elected as Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’s (PTI) Deputy President of Lahore in the party’s ongoing internal elections.

The exercise of PTI is the first of its kind in the political history of Pakistan and PTI Chairman Imran Khan congratulated Abdul Aleem on being bestowed trust by the inhabitants of Lahore.

Khan is considered a clean man and has been elevated to a senior party position in the capital of Punjab from where giants such as the Sharif’s, Aitzaz Ahsan, Samina Ghurkhi and Saad Rafique contest elections.

Khan is also Chairman of Park view and has no cases pending against him the courts


  1. nota said:

    Isn't this the same "clean" Aleem Khan who is a land mafia don who made billions under Musharraf and was Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi's IT minister in Punjab?

    Wow! PTI is certainly the hope (ROMLMAO)!!!!

    Let's see what Insaf forum itself has to say:
    Azizi Mukhbari abut Aleem khan's gift to Imran khan

    1)- Aleem khan gifted Imran khan a BMW,

    2)- He travelled from Dubai to Davos on a private jet.

    No objection as long as the private jet was from his personal money or the guy whose private jet it was travelling with Imran Khan.

    so this is how Aleem Khan is going to win Election Ticket ??? Khan sahib should have told us before that he is going to accept souvenirs…

    MashaAllah 🙂

    P.S. It will be fun to watch IK fall over himself trying to prove Aleem as Mr. Clean….

    • Mohammad Arif said:

      Jealous Noura. PTI is the last hope. But Sharif also saying he will make a new Pakistan. Noura first make a new Punjab. Hahaha……………….Looters.

    • Ali said:

      Really? Who are you voting for in the next elections? That would certain reveal how intelligent you really are.

      • nota said:

        Hidden in your response is the admission is the "lesser-evil" argument so I will thank you for admitting at least, that voting for PTI is voting for the lesser evil. "Voting for lesser evil" is still evil and is what has gotten us into the mess we are today; it is the CAUSE, not the solution to what ails us….

        And to answer your question, I will vote for a candidate who is NOT lesser of two evils but who is not evil at all (no matter from what party). Failing to find one on the ballot, I will abstain. Simple!

        (And, no! abstaining because of that is not "wasting one's vote"! The only wasted vote is an unprincipled vote (and one for the lesser of two evils) 😉

    • Ali said:

      Its intelligent people like you who can make comments like this and vote for PPP, PML-N, JUI-F, MQM etc and then talk about being a sincere Pakistani.

    • nota said:

      Oooo…since I seem to be roiling some PTI cheerleaders' panties, let me expand on the list of PTI bigwigs:
      1-Abdul Rasheed Bhatti (with 9 cases of murder)
      2. Abdul Aleem Khan (Land Mafia head in Lahore)
      3. Shahid Akram Bhinder (Musharraf’s law minister from 2002 – 2007 & key actor for use of force against judges & lawyers in 2007)
      4. Mian Muhammed Azher (Well known Dunggar Choor of Lahore)
      5. Mian Mahmood Ur Rasheed ( Ex Jamatya and convicted Land Mafia)
      6. Mian Azhar to the list as well. He left NS to support establishment in 99. Lost elections and left Musharraf. Later he joined again only to get ticket in 08, lost and left PMLQ yet again. And now joined PTI
      7. Zaheer Abbas Khokhar MNA on PPP ticket in 2002 then joined patriots on pressure from musharraf stays in power.
      8. Farooq Amjad Meer- PML Q MPA during 2002-2007close aide to Chaudharies.
      9. Awais Leghari, who made billions under Musharraf on cellular licensees and IT "projects"
      10. Shah Mehmoud Qureshi, who handed over Aafia Siddiqi to the Americans and signed deals for more drone strikes while sipping wine shmoozing with Hillary as Foreign Minister
      11. Education don Kasuri, who has made millions of dollars from USAID to corrupt and westernize our education system and stole Pakistan Railways schools for personal profit and started this whole drone strike business…
      12. Hashmi: Admittedly "baray bay abroo ho ker PML-N say ham niklay"; A has-been who had no where else left to go….
      13. Tareen, Brother-in-law of Mushi's lap-puppy Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood, the current choice of Zardari for "governor" of Punjab; Also made billions from the Sugar scam.
      Just waiting for "Dr." Babar Awan to join the party too….any day now….

      (Of course the list is much longer but……..) 😀

      • arslank said:

        lol..Shahid Akram Bhindar is in PML-N….142 PML-Q members in PML-N now with all the corrupt MNAs in PMl-N but you are trying to make PTI look bad…u are such a loser bro

        • nota said:

          No…I am only trying to prove that PTI is just going to be like PML-N and I think you just seem to agreeing with that…so what's the problem then?? 😛

          • kashif said:

            sharifs and zardari are proved courupt rulers of pakistan..for god sake try to under stand imran khan is last hope of pakistan otherwise in next five years one can well imagine the disaster pakistan will face..he is last hope

          • nota said:

            So you are basically saying "There is NO hope for Pakistan!"

            Now that is depressing!!! 🙁

      • adeel said:

        reply is in ur own comment,inspite of this long list,u coldnt level any single allegation against imran khan,so that is the diff bw him and sharif brothers

        • nota said:

          Duh! Since you missed it….let me spell it out for you……how about the allegation being "Surrounding himself with a bunch of proven crooks who will continue to rob and still if PTI EVER comes to power and their "rule" will be like any others, be it PPP or PML-N or PML-Q….."

      • MAD said:

        This can only a Nooner writing this. PMLN ki list nikalein. Mian Sb ki apni list is poore post se lambi hai. Oh and where is this mysterious BMW that has never been seen by anyone anywhere. BTW im not an Aleem Khan supporter but quite frankly it was an election and he won. yes an ELECTION. I know that is an alien concept for you to understand

        • nota said:

          Nooner? No! Pipliya neither!! Think you did not understand my dishing the "Lesser of two evils" argument 😉

          " it was an election and he won. yes an ELECTION. I know that is an alien concept for you to understand "
          You might not know but "ELECTION"/Democracy ARE ALIEN CONCEPTS indeed! Literally!!! 😛 Allama Iqbal did call it iblees' system, a disease, etc. and stated "Utha ker phaink do bahir galli main…"

          Do read his "Jamhooriat", "Mashriq o Maghrib", "Ladeen Siyasat", "Siyasi Payswa", "Iblees ka farman, apnay siyasi farzandoN ka naam", etc. etc. 😀

          P.S. And I would highly recommend "Afrang Zadda" 😉

    • javed said:

      people have voted for him, and as far as the allegations are concerned, please also add in them following:

      1)- Aleem khan gifted Imran khan a 2 billion dollar diamond,
      2)- He gave him a ride to the moon on his private shuttle.
      3)- He also gifted him a villa in Los Angles, California.

      also add as many as you can so that you can betray the public.

  2. Ex-PATAWARI said:

    for any Modern patwari noora who is spreading this. should first know that after their deal with Kashmala sexy tariq party- which was Musharraf's right hand party. and their 15 new Musharraf MNA's plus Uzma Bukhari & her husband. so now being with musharraf is not as big an allegation for PTI so Now please bring up something new. Don't cry baby. you are really frustrated.
    Almost all of the things mentioned here are Lies or twisted facts. SHameful if your such a great Party Ganjay Nooray. why bother spreading lies?

  3. Jawed said:

    I remember Imran Khan used to rue the fact that in his days as MP, If one MP accused other one as corrupt then rather then denying the accusation the MP started proving the accuser as the more corrupt. Its quite ironic to see his followers toeing the same line 🙂

    • @XIApk said:

      My answer is simple

      If he is such a land Mafia and corrupt why PUNJAB gov is not catching him?

    • Nazia said:

      Punjab govt chases those land mafia who disturb their people.Khosa and Sanalullah like PMLn also come in category of land dons of Punjab.Those who make alignment with them face no opposition from govt.Like Malik riaz as long as he was sharing deals with Shairf on public project it was all right as soon as Zardari house was officially declared all guns were pointed against his wide spread projects which he had started before shairfs and no body created hurdles for him in these five years.

  4. din said:

    yaar punjaab mien pmln ki govt hai tu paker loo aleem khan ko warna yeh rona dona band ker do

    • Sana said:

      I think guys you have to show prove against Aleem khan otherwise these type of blame games are useless. People say he is Land Mafia then where are they people who has the property?

  5. Aamir said:

    You people are to be taught the definition of democracy from your birth, "Govt. of the people, by the people and for the people". Believe me this is most unrealistic, abnormal and unnatural definition of democracy. The democracy today in my country is a system or tool at the hands of the most corrupt people on the face of the earth to rule my country and its innocent people. This is illusion, in other words we are made to see it as charming, beautiful and only solutions to the problems of Pakistanis. This all bullshit. The real definition of democracy is the "Govt. of Allah, for Allah and by Allah". When we (Allah's people) will rule the pakistan according to the will of Allah, every thing would be fine and Allah will bless with what we pray or want or dream. Wake up time for Pakistanis…come on brothers. If someone steals something his hand must the amputated, this the law of Quran. If this just one law is enforced then you would all the politicians, not a common man like you and me, with amputated hands. Believe me.

  6. imran Hussain said:

    I m Malik imran Hussain Khokhar and 100% agreed with the choice of people that they elected Mr. Aleem Khan as president of Lahore for PTI. He is a good man. He is a rich man but have a lot of soft corners for poors even then his relative ch. Faraz also has the same qualties. both khans are good.

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