Taliban imposter

There are times when everything loses focus, clarity and significance to descent into a chaotic state as in the case of the present long war fought by a myriad of forces against a myriad of militant groups with a predictable yet unacceptable zero sum that has led to nothing but frustration and embarrassment in both the military and civilian quarters of the US.
Apparently, the news of how an simple shopkeeper fooled the entire US, NATO and Afghan officials into believing he was

Always on duty

If a police officer comes across somebody being robbed on his day off, it is his duty to make an attempt to help the individual. This explains that the police officer is always on duty even on a day off when he is dressed in plain clothes like other civilians.
Majority of citizens are disappointed regarding the civilian security apparatus which is mainly the police. They are of the opinion that police have not woken up to the fact that we are in ‘a state of war’. Their attitude

Time to step up

Sometime it is shocking to hear myopic reaction of any political party’s loyalist to attribute a constructive thought as criticism on his party. I was pained to hear a reaction of a politician to the call of a TV viewer. The caller said that the PPP should have preferred to divert all the money spent (even if from PPP funds) on Youm-e-Tasis in Peshawar, Gari Khuda Buksh and on other places to the flood relief affected persons. He also said that the expenses of any ruling party

Irresponsible statements

Recently, the PPP stalwart Mr Zulfiqar Mirza of Sindh has declared on a TV channel that a traitor of PPP deserves death penalty. He was obviously referring to dissidents of PPP stating their open differences with the high command. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has repeatedly said that difference of opinion is the beauty of democracy but Mr Mirza has other views on the point.
Mr Zulfiqar Mirza’s statement cannot be justified and if his intetnetions are carried out, of coursse

Police reforms

Sometimes the meaning of the phrase “to serve and protect” can seem unclear to those outside the law enforcement profession. The basic responsibility of police is to protect citizens when they are able to. However, this does not mean that citizens are absolved of personal responsibility for their own safety.
On the other hand, policing in Pakistan is conked out on various instances and the public is dissatisfied. Since policing affects the safety and security of all those living

Reko Diq affair

Natural resources have great importance for a country’s economy. They could be used for employment, economic growth, development of infrastructure, poverty alleviation, provision of education facilities and other civil amenities. They can be considered the backbone of a country’s sustained growth.
But, we as a nation and as a state, are oblivious to this fact. Just take the example of Reko Diq mines where a huge amount of gold and copper has been discovered. This mine alone has

Imran Husain

Whipping up a frenzy

The state of the union and where Pakistan is at has become a moot point in discussions at diplomatic, official and commercial circles overseas. As a Pakistani it is interesting what they have to say because it brings one to focus dispassionately on the realities facing our country. Excessive defense of the indefensible creates disbelief, but there are many defensible points, incorrect perceptions depicted by international media and the actions of our very own elected representatives.

Agha Akbar

Now that it’s out

Whenever a set of documents is either leaked or declassified, it invariably generates tremendous interest and excitement. This is natural for it fills in the gaps and caters to the curiosity of an overwhelming number that takes keen interest in the events and incidents and also the people involved and their thinking.
There however is dissimilarity between the stuff that is declassified and that which is leaked. The declassified papers more often belong to a period that may be


Times are tough and this is no country for old men. Condemned to destruction are states that respond inadequately to the challenges of the time. What to say, then, of states that are not even at par with responses that are already being jettisoned by the world at large? Case in point: the Pakistani government’s demand to gag those leaking information to websites like WikiLeaks and to take stern action against officials who were responsible. As if they could just be hauled up and put

Two more

The addition of two ministers of state to the federal cabinet at a time when five more ministries are being devolved to provinces under the 18th amendment is highly unreasonable. All the more so when the country is facing unprecedented fiscal constraints and pressure is mounting on it to cut down non productive expenditure from the IFIs as well as from State Bank of Pakistan which has held increased government lendings from banks responsible for the double digit inflation. It is clear

Bring it on!

Living in Pakistan is not for the faint of heart. Every day brings a fresh batch of bad news. Inflation, corruption, floods, droughts, earthquakes, car-jackings, gang rapes, terrorist killings, target killings, sectarian killings, honour killings – you name it, we got it. We are a one-stop disaster shop.
I don’t mean to be facetious: the national mood these days is about as bad as I have ever seen it, and with good reason. We are high on the list of the most corrupt nations, high

Sadaf Arshad

Media and Ethics

No less than 104 intercepted phone conversations, carefully selected out of 5,000, tapped by the Income Tax Department, has left India’s media in turmoil. Surprisingly, though, the decade’s most notorious scandal could not charm the Indian media which is always sniffing for “breaking news” and exclusive stories. Reason: it exposed two top pro-establishment Indian journalists – Ms. Barkha Dutt, NDTV diva of Kargil fame, and Mr. Vir Sanghvi, columnist and Editorial Director of the

Dr Faisal Bari

Education with a purpose

There are three broad demands that are often made on education systems: education should prepare the student for the role of the citizen, it should provide skills a modern economy needs, and it has to provide for ways for individuals to move within the socioeconomic hierarchy. Broadly, the first two objectives are the public good elements in education and the third is a private good demand.
Major education reform movements have been ways of addressing one or more of the above

Inappropriate programmes

The problem with the media is that it is getting hyper and more destructive than being constructive day by day. This is evident in the present programmes being aired on various private TV channels that are not even fit for the grown-ups, let alone the children. The commercials and ads they air have no decency and morality. They are causing severe moral deficit in the public.

A patriotic eye

Dilating pupil of an elderly eye
Wrinkles around, tears of pride
Counting faithful deeds done
Emitting light, better vision
Foundation laid in the name of Islam!
A nation named, beloved “Pakistan”
Immigrants greeted, reaching motherland
Refreshing the event of Arabian land
Thousands killed, we never mourned
Ready for hazards of newly born
Thriving nation for ultimate goal
Sports or science! On the role
Future is the young

Bannu blast

A suicide attack occurred in Bannu on Tuesday morning adding to the streak of deadly attacks that have taken place this year in Pakistan. The suicide bomber detonated himself while on foot and left many injured. Two policemen, two civilians and one child are among the dead.
This attack is an eye opener that the terrorist will not sit and watch the military destroy them. The Bannu region will be sensitive in the near future and authorities must heap up the local intelligence

Traffic violation

Traffic transgression has become routine matter with the commuters. Changing lanes without indication, jumping traffic lights, over taking from left, impatient honking, no helmets, entire family riding motorcycles, arguing with traffic wardens, turning without indication, over speeding, number plates as applied for, lone driver displaying MNA/MPA number plates, siblings recklessly driving government vehicles, dark windows on luxury vehicles……one can go on and on.
There is no end