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Shah Nawaz Mohal

Enter CJ Khosa

And how all things Nisaresque are dead and gone Sanity has finally returned to Supreme Court (Big Marble Palace). The shenanigans of former CJ have ended sooner than his tenure. Be it

Shah Nawaz Mohal

So long, CJ Saqib Nisar

Now, Honourable Lordship, brace yourself for the long-awaited judgment One nail drives out the other and that is how the world goes around, remarked Voltaire centuries back. He remained mum about the

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Beliefs vs behaviour

How cognitive dissonance has helped us to become what we are Beliefs shape our lives, dictate our conscious, light our paths and ensure that we are moving in a right direction. Whether

Shah Nawaz Mohal

When home is Hell

Everywhere and anywhere else is Eden waiting with open arms, armed coastal guards and barbed wires For some home is not the place where their heart is. For some salvation lies elsewhere.

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Witnessing human zoo

March of humanity continues in shared cages where they fight against alienation and hanker after happiness in shopping bags Our cage is cramped, food is getting scarce for many, for others misery