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Shah Nawaz Mohal

Wrath of the watchmen

Our Lordships must tread the path of ‘contempt of court’ with extreme caution Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who watches the watchmen) asked the Roman satirist Juvenal rhetorically two millennia back. The answer,

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Worth another shot?

Will Qadri-Imran-Zardari-Chaudhary-Sheikh quintet make it this time? The lion is down but not out, he is cornered but still in the arena. The player along with his groupies is out and about

Shah Nawaz Mohal

The ‘E’ word

Ubiquitous yet invisible, the march of infamous ‘Establishment’ continues Who has seen the ‘Establishment’? I, like many others, haven’t. Yet we, the grown folks of Pakistan, have heard about its doings, un-doings,

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Republic of Narcotics-tan

Documenting the horrible abyss of getting high You see them. You see them on the roads, moving around in tattered clothes and unwashed faces. You see them in the markets asking desperately