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Shah Nawaz Mohal

Who is afraid of Kashmir?

Out of fear to lose what can’t be India’s, the Kashmir question remains unanswered     Last week, once again, Pakistan celebrated the 20th Kashmir Solidarity Day. Beyond all the bells and jingles, the

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Escaping ourselves

Drug addiction as a temporary escape from our frustrations, uncertainties and all-engulfing ennui To escape from the mundane, dull, boring, soul crushing, life-draining reality has been an endless quest of humanity. We

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Trump is not USA

How the country has outlived many a monomaniacs and fools during its existence ‘In America, anyone can become President. That’s the problem.’ remarked the legendary comedian late George Carlin known for his

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Pangs of affluence

Sans purpose, without roots, free from any and every ideology; behold Mankind in all its cluelessness For centuries, mankind has strived to achieve ‘enough’. Enough food, enough means to lead a peaceful,

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Masters versus Maulana

Witnessing the rise and rise of pulpit via politics of protest Two years back, a different Maulana was at it. Today, in the here and now, another Maulana is at the government’s