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Do Less

That’s what he means A lot must have been done in the past decade that prompted Donald Trump to use the slogan: “make America great again”. What has happened to America? Where

Saad Awan

Netanyahu citing the Bible

Irony of ironies Netanyahu’s recent Bible citation in justifying Trump’s Jerusalem move is highly ironic: that in persuading secular Europe to accept Trump’s decision, Netanyahu has to resort to religious scripture. Yet,

Saad Awan

Giving Trump his due

And the Muslims too Who can say that the president of USA did not renege on his election promises? It might be clichéd but the devil does deserve his due here. He

Saad Awan

The Hariri episode

And the tirade against Khomeini Lebanon’s recent Hariri episode seems to have originated straight from the classics of Hollywood. If that is not the case, it definitely does boost the credentials to

Saad Awan

A tail eating dragon

Let economics, if not common sense, drive us to respect nature Nothing seems to make a lasting impression on our senses. An impression is good enough to inspire an action. The rain