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For your future

The air of indifference that this country is surrounded with is pathetic. We either close our eyes, or delude ourselves into thinking that it won’t matter to us. We have social workers

Do what is right

And not what is popular While hubris strengthened by the election fever stands in the way of the US to offer an apology for Salala attack, Pakistan’s political leadership which is also

PM and Supreme Court

Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani while addressing a large public rally at the ground breaking ceremony of the Benazir Shaheed bridge at village Chachran Sharif in R Y Khan has sent

On election expenses

Only for the very rich A perception is arising that with candidates spending in eight figures to win seats in the provincial and national assemblies and many times more in the case

TV: bad for children

There was a time when parents used to be the channel through which children learned about the outside world. They could decide what to tell their kids and when to tell them

Saving Face

It is really an honour that Sharmeen Chinoy is the first Pakistani lady who was nominated for the Oscar Award and Pakistan is surely proud of her as she brightened Pakistan’s name

Modernity for us?

The prediction that we, the citizens of this country, may have to face challenges of gas shortages in the future along with a number of other elemental commodities may not be something

Centralisation of authority

After the 18th amendment in the constitution and transfer of responsibility of education, health, agriculture and other subjects, it was expected that the provincial government will transfer some of the civic services

Water issues

India’ Supreme Court has ordered the central government to implement the 2002 project to link 30 major rivers crisscrossing India to ensure a better control over floods and to have an efficient