Sanaullah says PTI founder is a political reality

  • Says neither ‘he could eliminate us nor could we, only we can sit and hold talks’
  • Claims he not seeing PTI’s founder out of jail in near future

ISLAMABAD: PML-N senior leader and Special Assistant to Prime Minister Rana Sanaullah on Saturday revealed that he had no more hate or bad feelings for the PTI founder, saying though he (Imran) did struggle in a wrong direction still he resisted and took stand.

“Neither he could eliminate us nor could we. We only can sit and hold talks. If you don’t understand it, you have to face transgenders”, Rana Sanaullah said during an interview to a private Tv news channel.

The political adviser to the PM asserted that resistance shall be necessity of time but not resistance for the sake of resistance.

“The PTI founder is a political reality but refusing dialogue,” he said, adding that the recent relief to the PTI has not been result of any signal.

He said that he was not seeing the PTI’s founder out of the jail in near future.

PML-N leader said those in hiding should come to surface. “The PTI’s founder was if really doing politics, we couldn’t get the space at the time of no-confidence, we found”, he said.

“Had the PTI not quit the parliament, our government could not sustained upto 16 months,” Rana Sanaullah said. “The May 09 could not happen, if the PTI didn’t dissolve its government in two provinces,” he further said.

He said, “Political instability causes economic instability and the PTI’s founder has caused it”. “He has, being a politician, has adopted an apolitical approach. In a parliamentary system if you refuse dialogue, you are threat to the system,” Sanaullah said.

“If you want to bring a revolution, you should quit the parliament, as the parliament has nothing to do with the revolution,” he said.

Government adviser said,” A PTI man has been saying that they will not allow us the dialogue. It is our job to get the permission, you leave it and come to the table for talks,” Rana Sanaullah said.

“They are now demanding to give ‘our mandate’ first and release prisoners,” he said. “If we give the mandate and free prisoners, then what will be for talks. If we give you all, then we will be in jails,” PML-N leader said.

He said that the opposition alliance is being formed itself, “they have not been given any signal”. “A route of talks could open, if the opposition alliance would constitute”, political adviser said. “We will talk with Maulana Fazl ur Rehman after completion of the opposition alliance”. “If we talk with him prior, they will not get him in the alliance,” Sanaullah said.

He said, when the establishment has been agreed to be restricted to its role then what is the need of resistance. “If they are ready to help you out in the SIFC, then why resistance is needed,” Sanaullah said.

Commenting on release of Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi he said, his release has been justified, ” I was not expecting him to tolerate that much”. “Definitely he is an opponent, but I respect the one who stands alongside the leader against all odds,” he said.


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