Torrential rains claim 3 more lives in KP; death toll rises to 46

PESHAWAR: Three more lives, including two children, have tragically been claimed by the relentless torrential rains in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The death toll has now surged to 46, with 60 others reported injured.

According to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) in a heartbreaking incident at Qadir Kundu, situated at the border of Swat and Dir, two children lost their lives, while eight others fell unconscious due to the heavy downpour.

Initial reports suggest that a group of 10 people, en route to Swat from Nahagdara on foot, were caught off-guard by the sudden rain. Local residents rushed the unconscious victims to Wadi Hospital. The young victims were identified as Jawaria and Arzu.

Tragedy struck again in Mohalla Miangano of Nowshera Valai village, where two individuals, including a woman, were injured as the roof of their mud house collapsed. Rescue teams promptly shifted them to the hospital for urgent medical care.

The PDMA has confirmed that 25 children, 12 men, and 9 women are among the deceased, while the injured count includes 11 women, 33 men, and 16 children.

The torrential rains wreaked havoc on 2,875 houses across various districts, with 436 houses completely destroyed and 2,439 partially damaged due to collapsing walls and roofs.

The heavy rains have not only taken lives but have also caused financial losses and widespread devastation across multiple districts. Areas severely affected include Khyber, Dir Upper and Lower, Chitral Upper, Swat, Bajaur, and many others.

Ongoing heavy rains have resulted in flooding in rivers and low-lying areas, with the Panjkora River experiencing overflow. As a result, the GT Road has been shut down due to flooding in the Talash Shamshi Khan rain drain, leading to long traffic queues.

In a tragic incident, a person was swept away by floodwaters after falling from a vehicle into the flood channel in Talash Shamshi Khan. The body was recovered and transferred to the District Headquarters Hospital Timargarh by locals. Additionally, the heavy rains have caused significant crop damage along the Panjkora river, posing a substantial financial setback for farmers.


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