Man who heroically fended off Sydney mall stabber promised citizenship by Australia

Australia’s prime minister hinted at offering citizenship to a visiting Frenchman who bravely thwarted a knife-wielding attacker at a Sydney mall using only a bollard.

Damien Guerot, known as “bollard man” and hailed as a hero for his actions during Saturday’s tragic incident that claimed six lives and injured a dozen others, was praised by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese for his “extraordinary bravery.” Guerot confronted the attacker, Joel Cauchi, on an escalator, preventing further harm.

Albanese expressed gratitude to Guerot, saying, “You are welcome here, you are welcome to stay for as long as you like.” He also mentioned the possibility of Guerot becoming an Australian citizen, acknowledging the loss it would mean for France while lauding Guerot’s courage.

The prime minister emphasized the humanity displayed by Guerot, who, despite not being a citizen, bravely intervened to prevent more harm during a challenging time. The attack, which occurred in a bustling shopping mall in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, left Australians shocked.

While the motive behind the attack is under investigation and not linked to terrorism, there are inquiries into whether Cauchi, who had a history of mental illness, targeted women specifically.

Despite the tragedy, Albanese highlighted the positive aspects of human nature witnessed during the incident, including the bravery of policewoman Amy Scott, who acted decisively to neutralize the threat posed by Cauchi.

“Saturday showed us both devastating tragedy and the best of human character,” Albanese reflected, finding solace in the solidarity and acts of heroism that emerged amidst the sorrow.


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