Inept examiners

My daughter recently appeared in the first annual examinations for class X that were conducted under the aegis of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Lahore. It so happened that she demanded an extra answer sheet after writing up all the pages of the first copy. She had ample time at hand to solve the remaining question paper, but she was not given the supplementary sheet.

She implored the superintendent and the invigilator that she needed a second copy, but quite ruthlessly and irresponsibly the officials denied her the right given by the examination board. Just to save themselves a bit of additional paper work, the officials refused to provide the second copy. There is nothing creditable, logical or lawful in their act by any stretch of imagination.

Unfortunately, such actions ruin a student’s cumulative preparation encompassing the whole year, or, as in this case, full 10 years of educational diligence. The examination boards must train their officials and examiners to lend a helping hand to the students.



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