US concerned over rise in anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim sentiments

  • Miller reaffirms State Dept’s commitment to combating hate both domestically and internationally

WASHINGTON: United States State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller has highlighted growing concerns regarding the surge of hate amidst the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict.

Miller’s remarks came during his weekly briefing on Friday when he was questioned about the escalating hate witnessed not only within the United States but also across the globe, stemming from the conflict in the Middle East.

Miller acknowledged the gravity of the situation, stating, “It’s absolutely a concern.” He reiterated sentiments expressed by Secretary of State, who has repeatedly emphasised the dangers of dehumanizing one another, particularly in the context of the Israel-Gaza conflict.

He emphasized that when individuals on either side of the conflict engage in dehumanizing behaviour, it paves the way for actions that are detrimental to all parties involved.

Addressing the rise of anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim sentiment, Miller underscored President Joe Biden’s condemnation of such acts and reaffirmed the State Department’s commitment to combating hate both domestically and internationally.

Responding to inquiries regarding the characterisation of the conflict as a religious war or a territorial dispute, Miller emphasised the need to refrain from spreading hate in any form. He stressed the US government’s focus on bringing an end to the conflict swiftly and seeking a lasting solution that serves the interests of all parties involved, including Muslims, Jews, Christians, Israelis, and neighbouring countries.

“We are trying to bring an end to this conflict as soon as possible and find a durable solution,” Miller asserted. “It is in the interest of all parties to see this conflict end, and that’s what we’re trying to accomplish.”

Commenting on the potential for a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, Miller reiterated the United States’ stance, stating, “We firmly believe that a two-state solution is the way forward. While we recognise the immense challenges and the seemingly bleak outlook, we assess that, ultimately, as this conflict reaches its conclusion—because it will—we must chart a path towards a two-state solution.”

He emphasised the importance of this approach by highlighting the ongoing security risks faced by Israel and the imperative for fostering relationships with its neighbours.

Miller underscored that finding a viable path for reconciliation with the Palestinian people aligns with Israel’s broader security interests, despite the considerable difficulties involved. He reaffirmed the commitment of the United States to pursue this goal diligently.


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