Former Philippine president calls for rational dialogue with China

MANILA: Former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte called for rational and friendly dialogue with China on current bilateral issues and expressed sadness over the disputes in the South China Sea and the policies adopted by the current administration toward China in a recent interview.

When asked about the message he wanted to convey to the people of both the Philippines and China regarding the current state of China-Philippines relations, Duterte issued a warning.

He cautioned that the US is attempting to instigate a war between China and the Philippines, emphasizing that the US would not risk American lives for Filipinos. Duterte expressed hope that the Philippines could steer away from its detrimental path and resolve issues through dialogue and negotiation.

He expressed hope to stop the ruckus over the South China Sea, stating that the Americans are the ones pushing the Philippine government to go out there and quarrel and eventually maybe start a war.

Duterte thinks China and the Philippines have to wait before returning to the negotiating table on the South China Sea issue.

“You cannot talk to the Philippine government because it is the Americans that will tell them what he should say to you. So it’s forever a cycle of incongruity,” he said.

Duterte envisions China and the Philippines collaborating to enrich people-to-people exchanges. Despite many Filipinos leaning towards a pro-American stance due to the educational system, he aspires for them to embrace new perspectives.


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