Fitrana amount for 2024 in Pakistan announced

The Chairman of the Shariah Board Pakistan, Sheikh Al-Hadith Professor Dr. Mufti Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Jalali, has declared the obligatory amounts for Sadaqah Fitrana and Fidya for the current year’s fasting period.

Dr. Jalali stated that the base amount for Sadaqah Fitrana and Fidya in 2024 is Rs. 300 per person. He also set the Fidya at Rs. 300 per person for those who are physically unable to fast.

Highlighting the importance of charitable giving for the financially able, Dr. Jalali called on affluent individuals to contribute as per their economic status.

He listed the fixed contributions for various foodstuffs: Rs. 600 for oats, Rs. 2,400 for dates, and Rs. 4,400 for raisins. He further detailed the Fidya payments for not fasting during the entire Ramadan: Rs. 9,000 for wheat flour, Rs. 18,000 for oats, Rs. 72,000 for dates, and Rs. 132,000 for raisins.

Clarification was given that Fidya is only for those permanently unable to fast due to long-term illnesses.

Dr. Jalali also advised those temporarily excused from fasting, like travelers, to compensate for missed fasts, noting that Fidya does not replace fasting.

In addition, the Ministry of Poverty Alleviation and Social Security set the Zakat threshold at Rs. 135,179. It mandated Zakat on savings and profit and loss sharing (PLS) accounts exceeding this amount, with an obligatory payment of 2.5% on the total balance for eligible account holders.


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