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While the Ben 10 comic series may appear to be a fantasti­cal creation, a closer look reveals its surprising parallels to our con­temporary world. A world plagued by darkness and adversity, where both hope and trauma are intimate­ly known. What if I were to tell you that a potent force, surpassing any supernatural watch, exists to com­bat these forces of darkness? This force is not confined to a single hero; rather, it is accessible to anyone who chooses to harness it – kindness.

Kindness is often misconstrued as mere friendliness or generosity, but in reality, it transcends these notions. Defined by the Greek phi­losopher Aristotle as “helpfulness towards someone in need, not in return for anything, nor for the advantage of the helper himself, but for that of the person helped,” kindness is a selfless act driven by a sense of responsibility and the desire to enhance the world.

In contrast to the comic, where there is only one Omnitrix to be the hero, kindness knows no limits or boundaries. It is an instinctive virtue that anyone can possess, as long as it is not wielded for per­sonal gain. Its power lies in its ca­pacity to bring happiness to those who have lost hope, manifesting in various forms – from small ges­tures to grand acts of kindness.

Yet, the true potency of kindness extends beyond aiding those al­ready virtuous. It has the potential to transform even the most malevo­lent individuals, echoing Victor Hu­go’s sentiment in Les Misérables, “You should respond with kindness toward evil done to you, and you will destroy in an evil person that plea­sure which he derives from evil.”

Despite scepticism about prac­tising kindness without expecting reciprocity, it conceals a hidden blessing. Research indicates that those regularly engaged in acts of kindness tend to be healthier and live longer. It is not solely about extending kindness to others but also about fostering self-compas­sion – a reminder that kindness benefits not only others but also our own well-being.

The power of kindness knows no bounds, applicable anywhere, at any time, toward anyone. It is a supreme power often overlooked while daydreaming about possess­ing a supernatural watch. Howev­er, the true power lies within us – a force we can awaken through practising self-compassion and mindfulness. If our goal is gen­uinely to improve the world, we must tap into this real power – the power of kindness.



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