Imran strongly denounces Israeli war crime, genocide of Palestinians

  • Urges UN, world powers to shun duplicity, take steps to protect Palestinians against barbarism

ISLAMABAD: Founding and Chairman-for-life of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, has strongly condemned Israeli war crimes and ongoing genocide of innocent Palestinians in the besieged Gaza.

He has also urged the United Nations and world powers to shun duplicity and double standards and take immediate measures for the safety and security of the victims of Israeli inhuman assault.

Imran Khan, who has been unjustly imprisoned in Adiala Jail, in his message on Thursday, strongly denounced the massacre of helpless Palestinians and expressed great disappointment over the double standard being adopted by the UN and international community on the issue of genocide of the beleaguered Palestinians in Gaza.

PTI founding chairman recalled that the people of the West taught lesson of human values and rights to the world but, unfortunately, they are seen blatantly violating all relevant international laws and values on the issue of Palestine.

Imran Khan emphasized that Israel was brazenly carrying out genocide against the people of Palestine in front of the entire world. He went on to say that the oppressed Palestinians have been forced to live like hostages in an open prison for the last several decades.

PTI founding chairman pointed out that the oppressed Palestinians were first deprived of their lands, then their houses were confiscated, which was followed by imprisonment and forced migration. He added that now they were being ruthlessly and brutally massacred in their own homeland.

He stated that there was no example in the history of such injustice, as barbaric Israeli forces were hell-bent to erase the oppressed Palestinians from the face of the earth.

Imran Khan called upon the world community, especially those in the Western countries, to shun double standards and take immediate and tangible measures to ensure respect for international law and values.

PTI founding chairman urged that it was imperative to protect the beleaguered Palestinians from the brutality and fascism of Israel and they should be guaranteed their long-denied basic rights with security of life and property.




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