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I am writing to express concern about the exclusion of Agricul­tural Engineering graduates from job opportunities within the Irri­gation Department. Agricultural Engineering is a specialised field, covering thirteen courses related to irrigation, drainage, hydrology, and water management, provid­ing expertise crucial for the de­partment’s responsibilities.

Unlike Civil Engineering grad­uates, who cover fewer relevant courses, Agricultural Engineers are equally, if not more, equipped for roles in irrigation, drainage, and water resource management. The current practice of barring Agricultural Engineers from com­peting with Civil Engineers is un­just, given their qualifications and expertise.

The Irrigation Department’s re­sponsibility involves managing water resources for agriculture, requiring professionals with skills in developing efficient irrigation systems. Agricultural Engineers possess these skills, making their exclusion from competitions with­in the Irrigation Department un­justifiable.

This practice not only hinders the potential contributions of Ag­ricultural Engineers but also de­nies them the basic right to com­pete, contributing to youth unemployment and underutiliza­tion of skilled resources. I urge the Chief Minister of Sindh, the Minis­ter of Irrigation, the Irrigation Sec­retary, the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), policymakers, and stakeholders to review the recruit­ment policy.

Allowing Agricultural Engineers to participate in competitions will ensure fair opportunities, promot­ing sustainable growth in irriga­tion and agriculture for the benefit of Pakistan’s economy.



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