Oh Gaza!

The resilient people of your land, with unwavering courage and conviction in the face of such barbarity, abandoned by the world to fend for yourselves while the world pontificates.

Everyday survivor guilt hangs around me like a cloud. How many bodies will be mangled beyond rec­ognition? How many more families wiped off the registry? How many more children orphaned, maimed, and terrorised? What has the Israe­li war machine unleashed on the defenceless Palestinians today?

What absolutely kills me is the si­lence of our friends the world over. The profound silence of sover­eign nations from all quarters. The complicity, the meekness. This has been the real eye-opener. The Pal­estinian siege has exposed West­ern democracy for the farce that it is and has changed the face of geo­politics as we know it. It has shown the world who the real masters are and who the marionettes are.

In the face of such relentless ag­gression, now is the time to band to­gether and say ‘enough is enough’! How does anyone sleep at night? Where do they park their con­science? The devil must be stumped – no work left for him to do these days in the face of such brutality.

I was sure that we could start something. But as the days wore on, and no one anywhere did anything, and the bodies kept piling up, and everyone looked away, the momen­tum waned, and nothing came of it.

It’s no longer ‘Free Palestine’ – it’s ‘Save Palestine.’”



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