Wounding Pakistan

The law must be implemented

The recent events which have taken over the country reminds me of the 1960s and 1970s, political unrest somehow keeps everyone on their toes; these days people at large are now becoming more of daredevils, that old fear of the unknown seems to be fading, maybe lack of implementations of law, maybe a laidback approach to let situations simmer down,  nothing seems to work to get the country back on track, this continuing struggle to get in and remain in the corridors of power is an ongoing enigma, which no one wants to know, yet everyone knows, as in my previous observations survival depends in staying in the right corridors; surely this cannot go on; everyone knows the disease yet no one wants to treat it, that is what our predicament is in reality.

Our national act has to be reviewed by one and all, meaning the people who elect, the leadership which emerges, the justice system which keeps us together, while on the security side we need to invest more to come to international standards, at least till the time we come to mutual terms  between India and Pakistan

There is no one above the law and that has to be accepted. The law has to ensure that it executes this in the true meaning of the constitution. No matter who is in the dock the courts have to play without the third umpire, which they usually do, although there have been past fixings in the top flight, and to write about the lower courts would require at least five articles. Decisions about the judiciary should only be addressed to the appellate authorities, to name the judges and ostracise them in Parliament does not do any justice. At least what article 68(3) tells us, and whatever the disagreements the Supreme Judicial Council is there for addressing them; a time has come to save the judiciary.

Rectifications and amendments need to be made to thrash out debating points. Why cannot the Constitution not be amended with moving times and circumstances; after all we run the country on PCOs and SROs when it’s suited, why can we not make it flexible, why so rigid?

However, coming to the current performance, the Chief Justice Islamabad High Court was prompt in taking notice of Chairman PTI Imran Khans arrest in the vicinity of the courts, pulled up the Inspector General Police, the Director General National Accountability Bureau and threatened if necessary, to call the Prime Minister. Later when it was explained to him, he agreed that a due process of law was followed, which Imran Khan denies, but what was the hurry of the Islamabad police to arrest him?

And that too within the vicinity of the courts, when biometrics were going on, prior to the arrest. Looking at a bigger picture did the authorities not understand or expect the reaction of the PTI, and take appropriate measures for the aftermath; they had already seen the trailer in Zaman Park, so couldn’t the binoculars be stronger, at least that would have  been good damage control, and I at least would not have had to see the destruction of Army and other public property.

To make matters fragile and uncontrollable, the arrest of PTI leadership was, and is, not the right answer; people are casting aspersions that the whole scenario was preplanned, all leading to the election’s syndrome.

These hooligans who we have seen destroying national property all over the country need to be brought to book. I feel law has to take its course, but this course may have been avoided by the PTI  party leaders had they been around, a headless swarm of bees had taken over, Former Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and a few others called for calm, but who would listen to a  charged up mixed bunch of supporters and hooligans when there was no one of stature to calm them down.

To make matters even worse, provocative remarks from political rivals hailed the arrests instead of showing restraint to calm down temperatures. There was and is all round gloating and point scoring, they have all done what we are seen, to pretend they have been dry cleaned. I can assure you when events are not going their way, they will adopt the very same method.

So in order to stop this stampede the law has to come hard and firm, and also teach a lesson for these future performances to take heed that such lawlessness will not be allowed under any circumstances,

In the same breath law has to be executed in its true spirit. The elements of victimisation must not be the focal point; today there is still time for a dialogue, there was an opportunity which both sides have missed out due to their stupidity and stubbornness,

Both these parties must learn a lesson, because of their bitterness and hatred towards each other the fifth columnist forces have played a major role in what has been witnessed. RAW is one of the players. We have never witnessed a corps commander’s house being demolished.

soldiers insulted, army installations challenged ever before by any political party. I know PTI workers’ majorly are true patriots, but this calculated move by enemies of the state has creeped in. What was the need for national songs to be played against the Army, Azadi or freedom, they all were chanting against the PDM in all meetings, suddenly now lands up on the armed forces, by armed forces, only the Army. Who supplied these paid insurgents to do what they did? Who financed the onslaught on the Army? All political leadership has in the past has indeed criticized the Army, but they will never ever go against the realm of the state. Despite all political reservations All leaderships are diehard Patriot missiles; it’s the intrusion of some paid sleepers of RAW who need to be identified.

Our national act has to be reviewed by one and all, meaning the people who elect, the leadership which emerges, the justice system which keeps us together, while on the security side we need to invest more to come to international standards, at least till the time we come to mutual terms  between India and Pakistan.

Wounded warriors always heal up to fight another day, today is not the right time.

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P J Mir
P J Mir
The writer is a freelance columnist


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