Imran demands immediate release of ‘abducted’ Azhar Mashwani

LAHORE: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday took to social media blogging site to lodge a strong protest against ‘abduction’ of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) social media head, Azhar Mashwani, by Police.

“Enough is enough. Police in Punjab & Islamabad are breaking all laws with impunity as they target PTI. Today Azhar Mashwani was abducted in the afternoon from Lahore & his whereabouts are unknown,” he said.

Khan said that on 18 March Senator Shibli Faraz & Omar Sultan were badly beaten by ICT police despite both having permission to be inside Judicial Complex.

“Hassaan Niazi was abducted immed[iately] after getting bail & later charged with sham FIRs to keep him lcoked up. I am sending pictures of IGs Punjab & ICT & of all officers indulging in this criminal behaviour to int HR orgs … so they can identify those working for the state & indulging in abductions, illegal break-ins into homes, custodial torture & violence against political ldrs & unarmed workers of PTI. Demand immed release of Azhar Mashwani,” write a visibly frustrated Khan.


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