Karachi Assistant Commissioner Hazim Bangwar insists he is male

KARACHI: Newly-appointed Assistant Commissioner of North Nazimabad Karachi Hazim Bangwar has shut down all the troll and said that he is neither transgender nor a woman. “I am male.”

He also added that being called a woman should not be an insult. He said: “These are misconceptions and some misunderstanding. Let me clear something that never have I ever held colorful flag. I hadn’t associated myself with any organization. A lot of people are accusing me of being transgender or even a woman. No, I am male. The fact that you called me a woman and used it as an insult, however, offended me. Such a charge did not offend me personally. However, I thought they were disrespectful to moms, sisters, working women, and female officers. You are indirectly reinforcing the stereotype that being a woman or being third gender is bad”

“These charges didn’t bother me since I am not a woman. That is a bit unfair. Although the charge is untrue, I feel awful for the mothers, sisters, and transgender community.”

Hazim Bangwar is a young bureaucrat who became overnight sensation because of his distinctive sense of style. Additionally, he has a heart of gold. Having been appointed on January 30, 2023, he appears to be a likeable assistant commissioner who works tirelessly for the residents of North Nazimabad Karachi.


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