It is incomprehensible to understand why there is a step-motherly treatment by the authorities of people living on both sides of the Islamabad Expressway beyond Koral interchange. Commuting on the expressway beyond the interchange has now become a nightmare, and tests the skill and patience of the drivers, especially in case of an emergency. The Korang bridge expansion project was to be completed by the end of 2021, but, even after an additional year, looking at the ongoing pace of work, it does not seem like it will be completed anytime in the near future.

It was unwisely believed that once the ill-planned and faulty PWD interchange was functional, housing societies, including Korang Town, Media Town, Doctors Colony, Bahria Town, Pakistan Town and PWD Society, would use the newly-constructed service road to access the Islamabad Expressway, and that the traffic would not get clogged down at the PWD and Korang exits on the expressway.

It was wrongly presumed that both these points would be closed on becoming superfluous and redundant.

However, one wonders what is stopping the authorities concerned from removing or remodelling a small portion of the median, at the PWD Town exit, that presently obstructs the traffic coming from different societies to the newly-constructed dual carriageway service road. What are the impediments? Will someone enlighten the masses who happen to be the ultimate sufferers?



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