Cylinder safety

Gas cylinders are always handled with great care and extra precautionary measures are taken during their transportation and storage. Pressurised gas cylinders always pose significant risk if they are handled in a careless manner.
Recently at 4K Chowrangi near Surjani Town in Karachi a dangerous incident occurred wherein a vehicle transporting liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders caught fire. The incident threatened life on a busy road in a busy area, leaving the passers by terrified. Had there been adequate industrial safety in practice, this horrible accident may not have occurred.
In the wake of gas shortage, masses are worried about making arrangements for domestic fuel. Resultantly, people just focus on carrying empty cylinders and getting them somehow filled as soon as they can. Safety measures have become a matter of secondary importance. The ignorant masses do not pay attention while handling gas cylinders and treat them as routine stuff, which it is not.
In the prevailing circumstances, it has become mandatory for relevant authorities to initiate an awareness campaign, telling people how to handle gas cylinders.
After running the awareness campaign for a month or two, the provincial government may impose a moderate fine on individuals found transporting gas cylinders without following the relevant protocols and standard operating procedures (SOPs). The traffic police and paramilitary forces may also help the provincial government in this regard.

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