Teenage boy dies of cardiac arrest in plane

KARACHI: A teenage boy died of cardiac arrest in the plane due to cardiac arrest during his flight to Karachi on Tuesday.

According to a report, 19-year-old Hunain Farooq, resident of Baldia Town, Karachi, was travelling in a Serene Airlines flight from Islamabad to Karachi when he suddenly felt pain in his chest.

As his condition worsened, the airline authorities asked the Civil Aviation Authority and doctors of health ministry at Karachi Airport to make arrangements to provide him prompt medical aid.

But when the traveller was brought out of the plane, doctors examined him and pronounced him dead. The health ministry doctors issued his death certificate.

The Serene Airlines flight reached Karachi from Islamabad at 12am Tuesday. Hunain came to federal capital along with his cousin Imran Soomro.


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