Palanchai Meadows true ‘fairy paradise’ in Swat

SWAT: The scenic view of fairy paradise “Palanchai” Meadows attracts a large number of visitors to this remote hilly valley, which is situated in the middle of the mountains range in Bahrain Tehsil of Swat District.

The Meadows, which is located at an altitude of 10,200 feet above sea level, can be reached by crossing the difficult trails of mountains.

To reach this beautiful and charming place, one has to travel from Bahrain to Kulbir Valley by jeep. After trekking for three hours on rocky and difficult paths, large mountains on one side and swaying flowers and dense forest on the other side, welcome visitors.

The singing of waterfalls and streams here and there calms the hearts and quenches the thirst with cold and sweet fresh water of the springs.

Shaukat Ali, a well-known trekker from Swat, said that this place was very lovely and a glimpse of the whole Swat can be captured from here. “Madyan and Bahrain can also be easily seen from the upper part of it while the weather here is also very beautiful,” he pointed out, adding that even in this scorching summer, they were compelled to wear warm jackets.

“The ascent is long and arduous, but the lassitude of reaching the Palanchai weariness turns into an enchanting feeling” he commented.

Another trekker, Hazrat Ali, said that they, often, used to visit this naturally pleasant area to enjoy the lush environment and invigorating weather and climate.

“I have seen Switzerland and other places in the videos, but this place is very beautiful,” said Pardul Khan, a 64-year-old trekker.

He said reaching these meadows was also very easy and the locals of this meadow were also very nice and friendly.

This beautiful valley is hidden from view but if the government pays attention to it by constructing roads and providing other necessary facilities, a large number of tourists would visit these scenic areas, adding that it will not only promote tourism here but also provide employment opportunities to local people.


At least 16 persons were injured in a clash between two rival groups here at Alamganj area of Charbagh Tehsil, Swat District, police officials confirmed here on Tuesday.

According to Charbagh Police SHO Ali Badshah, the incident occurred over a dispute on salary of Imam-e- Masjid and Khadim-e-Masjid, adding that one group wanted to raise the collection from houses that was aiming to financially support the clerics while the other group opposed the decision that led to clash among families belonging to the two groups.

Mr. Badshah said that sixteen persons from both sides sustained injuries, who were shifted to THQ hospital Khwazakhela by Rescue 1122 and the locals. Police registered an FIR against both the groups and arrested 25 people including Khatib (cleric) of the Masjid.


Syed Shahabuddin
Syed Shahabuddin
Reporter at Pakistan Today


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