Jr Squash Circuit No 2 kicks off

The first round matches of the PSF Junior Squash Circuit No 2 were played here at the Mushaf Squash Complex on Monday.

According to a release issued here, as part of Juniors’ Development Programme and Talent Hunt at the grassroots level, Pakistan Squash Federation organised the ‘Junior Squash Circuit No 2’.

The tournament included Boys U-11, 13, 15, 17, 19 and Girls U-19 age categories. An amount of Rs 600,000 would be distributed as prize money amongst the players.

The first event of the Junior Circuit-2022 was held in March this year, wherein a group of 198 players participated from all over the country.

However, as a result of continuous PSF efforts, the number of participants for Circuit-2 has significantly increased and 263 players have entered for the said tournament, with 99 players from Punjab, 121 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 29 from Sindh and 14 from Balochistan.

The opening ceremony of the tournament was held on Monday in which Air Marshal Aamir Masood Senior Vice President was the chief guest.
Squash legend Qamar Zaman, Vice President PSF Adnan Asad, referees and officials also attended the ceremony.

In Boys U-11, the main draw was of 64 players out of which 09 players got Bye in the 1st round. Maaz (Bal) beat Saim Paul Victor (KP) 3-0, Joshou Tariq (Pb) beat Atif Ali Naz (KP) 3-0, Mustafa Khan (Pb) beat M Saad Butt (Pb) 3-0, Abdul Rafay (Bal) beat Daniyal Owais (PAF) 3-0, Salman Adnan (Pb) beat Jasim (Pb) 3-0, Ibrahim Ahmed (Pb) beat Salman Tahir (Pb) 3-2, Raheel Masih (Sindh) beat Attai Mustafa (Pb) 3-1, Ahmed Safwan Gul (PAF) beat Rayyan Khan (Pb) 3-0, Ahmed Naz (PAF) beat Zadran Khan (KP) 3-0, Hammad Adil (KP) beat M Taha Khan (KP) 3-0, Ayyan (Pb) beat Ahmed (Bal) 3-0, Aziz Ali Naz (KP) beat Sudais Nazir (KP) Walk Over, Muhammad Faizan (KP) beat Muhammad Ayan (Pb) Walk Over, Syed Yoza (Sindh) beat Abdul Hadi (PAF) 3-0, Abdul Kabeer (PAF) beat Sameer Khan (KP) 3-0, M Rayyan Zaman (KP) beat Hassan Ali (Pb) 3-1, Mustafa (KP) beat Abdullah Khan (KP) 3-1, Anas Rafay (KP) beat Safdar (KP) 3-0, Muhammad Hamza (KP) beat Muhammad Hammad (Pb) 3-0, Golden Arif (Pb) beat Abdullah Khan (KP) 3-0, Abdul Rehman (Pb) beat Abdullah Anique (Pb) 3-0, Ayan Mehboob (KP) beat Ajman Ibrahim (KP) 3-0, and Muhammad Luqman (KP) beat Shahzain Khawaja (Pb) 3-0.

In Boys U-13, the main draw was of 64 players out of which 21 players Got Bye. Danish Sikandar (KP) beat Kabeer Khan (Pb) Walk Over, Umar Usmani (Sindh) beat Hassan Khan (KP) 3-0, M Fawad Khan (PAF) beat Saif Ullah (Bal) 3-0, Safi Ullah (Bal) beat Muhammad Umar (KP) 3-0, Arslan Farman (KP) beat Suleman Khan (Sindh) 3-0, Ayan Mansoor (Pb) beat Tauseef (Pb) 3-0, Qadeer Khan (Pb) beat Ayan Khan (Pb) 3-0, Sameer Khan (Pb) beat Ahmed Javed (Pb) 3-0, Rayyan Bahadur (PAF) beat Muhammad Ansar (KP) 3-0, Abdullah Shah (KP) beat Khizar Hayat (KP) 3-0 and M Inshal Abbas (Pb) beat Owais Jan (KP) 3-2.

In Boys U-15, the main draw was of 64 players out of which 19 players got Bye. M Dawood Ahmed (Pb) beat Farat Khan (Bal) 3-0, M Raza (Bal) beat Haroon (KP) Walk Over, Yahya Asad (PAF) beat M Muzammil (Pb) 3-0, Ali Bakhshish (KP) beat Abdul Ahad (KP) 3-0, Rohan Mehd (KP) beat Saif Zaman (Pb) Walk Over, Ali Usmani (Sindh) beat Sanan Gohar (KP) 3-0, Is-Haq Arshad (KP) beat Adil Javed (Pb) 3-0, Faseeh Ur Rehman (Pb) beat Abdul Rehman (KP) Walk Over, Muhammad Anas (KP) beat Luqman Khan (Pb) 3-1, Asmat Ullah (Bal) beat Arman Shah (KP) 3-1, Raheel (KP) beat Moiz Khawaja (Pb) 3-0 and Nahil (Pb) beat Adbul Ahad (Sindh Walk Over).

In Boys U-17, the main draw was of 64 players out of which 17 players got Bye. Muhammad Zubair (Pb) beat Mir Khawja (Pb) 3-0, M Arslan Ali (Pb) beat Huzaifa Adeel (KP) Walk Over, Noor Khan (PAF) beat Haji Nawaz Khan (Pb) 3-0, Shayan Ali (PAF) beat Shamlan Gul (KP) 3-2, Shamil Khan (Pb) beat Omar Safraz (Sindh) 3-0, Saim Asif (Pb) beat Waqif (KP) 3-0, Hikmatyar Khan (Pb) beat Shayan Ikram (KP) 3-0, Salahuddin Ayaz (Pb) beat Anas Khan (Bal) 3-0, Ammad Ahmed (KP) beat Mufariq Ali (KP) 3-0, Mustafa Asghar (Pb) beat Abdul Rehman (KP) 3-0, Huzaifa Jahanzeb (KP) beat Edwin Jamir (KP) 3-0, Ahmed Kamran (Pb) beat Muhammad Raza (KP) 3-0, Hassan Shamir (Pb) beat Ibrahim Mansoor (Pb) 3-0, Hassan Fareed (KP) beat Abdul Moiz (KP) 3-0 and Rana Zohaib Ali (Pb) beat M Abdullah (Pb) 3-0.

In Boys U-19, the main draw was of 64 players out of which 17 players got Bye. Talha Bin Zubair (Pb) beat Shayan (KP) 3-0, Shahzad (KP) beat Arslan Shariq (Pb) 3-0, Hamza Shaukat (Pb) beat Abu Bakar (KP) 3-0, Waqar (Bal) beat Nabeel Ahmed (KP) 3-0, Shayan Adnan (Sindh) beat M Abbas (KP) 3-0.

Meanwhile, in Girls U-19, the main draw was of 32 players out of which 05 players got Bye. Hafsa Yousaf (KP) beat Mahin Zafar (KP) 3-0, Luiza Aftab (PAF) beat Maliha Shah (KP) 3-0, Zarlish Safdar (KP) beat Maryam Zahra (KP) 3-2, Sunzil Safdar (KP) beat Iqra Shah (KP) 3-0, Ronaq Saleem (KP) beat Mahnoor Fazal (KP) Walk Over, Zohra Abdullah (KP) beat Laiba Khan (Sindh) 3-0, Tayyaba Abbas (Pb) beat Rania Qazi (KP) 3-1, Nimra Batool (Sindh) beat Syeda Sarah (Sindh) 3-0, Sehrish Ali (KP) beat Afsah (KP) 3-0, Fajar Hamid (Pb) beat Hafsa Umar (KP) 3-1, Mahnoor Ali (KP) beat Neha Natan (KP) 3-0.

The second and third round matches would be played on Tuesday.


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