Around Rs2100m allocated for information division’s development projects

ISLAMABAD: The government has allocated around Rs2100 million for Information and Broadcasting Division in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the year 2022-2023 for five ongoing and 12 new projects.

According to the budgetary document released here on Friday, the government has specified Rs1588.335 million for the new projects and Rs511 million for ongoing projects of the Information and Broadcasting Division.

Among the ongoing projects, an allocation of Rs298.956 million have been earmarked for restructuring of news operations of the Associated Press of Pakistan Corporation (APPC). Rs62.709 million have been allocated for the establishment of the Pakistan Information Centre (Phase-I).

Moreover, Rs50 million each has been allocated for establishment of 100KW medium wave radio station at Gwadar, rehabilitation of medium wave services at Muzaffarabad and replacement of medium wave transmitter at Mirpur.

Rs503 million have been earmarked for National Information Media Archives Repository, whereas Rs300 million have been set aside for Central Monitoring Unit.

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