Impact of anti-people decisions

Why bother to change the government?

Prices of petroleum products have reached the highest level in Pakistan’s history. People were already crying over rising inflation and the government has immediately increased the price of petroleum products by Rs. 30, and then another Rs 30 that the trembling and tremors will be felt for a while.

Petroleum is considered the fuel for the national economy. Making petrol more expensive not only makes it overpriced but also indirectly makes everything more expensive. People are already fed up with rising prices and the government is dropping petrol bombs instead of giving relief to the people. The process of dropping petrol price hike bombs on the people will cost the government heavily and can have very bitter consequences for those in power in the next election.

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If the government can’t deliver anything and keesp dropping inflation bombs at the behest of the IMF, then how will it go in front of the people? It is a matter of great concern to the people wandering in the corridors of power that their anti-people decisions will only lead to their drowning

It is clear that the ruling coalition had been criticizing the former rulers for rising inflation and prices of petroleum products. It had been implied that if the coalition government came, the people would not be burdened with inflation and taxes. The necessities of life would not be allowed to rise in price, the people will be relieved of inflation and justice will be ensured.

Our public is so naïve that we continue to challenge the same people in power again and get caught in such a trap that once again the hopes are pinned, but the hopes of the people have been fulfilled before or will not be fulfilled in the future, because the priority of every incoming government has been its own interests instead of the people. Therefore, the coalition government has also considered it necessary to amend the electoral and NAB laws instead of giving relief to the people.

Undoubtedly, the present government is committed to the pursuit of personal agenda rather than public agenda. The government knows well that it has less time and its interests are wide more, so all attention is focused on the pursuit of personal interests due to which the government leadership has not even avoided dropping petrol bombs on the people to save itself and this makes the situation look very dire.

Everywhere in the country, there is a flood of inflation and resulting prices of everything are skyrocketing as if the genie of inflation is out of control and is challenging the innocent people. Commodity prices in the general market are skyrocketing while relief has also been abolished for the common man at utility stores. The government and the rulers make loud claims that they have come to serve the people, but the statements and claims of the rulers have always proved to be useless and mere political statements.

Criticism of the previous government regarding the PML(N) leadership’s approach to the IMF is not hidden from anyone, but when it came to power, it not only went to the IMF to ask for money but also did not hesitate to kneel before it. The government, following the IMF’s terms, has just dropped a petrol bomb on the people. After that, many anti-people measures are yet to be taken. The government is more interested in prolonging its power tenure than in the national economy and anti-people sentiments.

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Finance Minister Miftah Ismail has made it clear that the IMF will not lend money unless the price of petrol is increased, so it has become inevitable to impose some burden on the people by increasing the prices of petroleum products.

It is very unfortunate that on the one hand the government is dropping inflation bomb on the people and on the other hand the Information Minister defending the government says that the Prime Minister is trying to provide relief to the people as much as possible. What relief it is to know that the people are getting rid of all their worries? The relief of the coalition government has shown the stars to the people in a matter of days. There is a limit to the bad governance of the government that there is no one to question the rising prices.

Defending the rising petrol prices in the country, proponent ministers may be unaware that the effects of rising prices on these products among other things have a devastating effect on the public. But the job of the ministers is only to defend the government. What is left for them to do is to increase the price of something which is a burden on the people.

There is no denying that the government is presenting to the public hostile decisions as big decisions to stay in power, while the government’s performance is such that on the one hand the country’s economy is on the verge of collapse and on the other hand rising inflation and the torment of load shedding has made life difficult for the people. As soon as the government has come, it is focusing on amending the laws in its own interest and putting the opposition against the wall.

If the coalition government had focused as much on improving the situation, the situation would have been completely different today. It was supposed to happen, but the government is afraid of its departure and the return of Imran Khan, so the next elections may take place at any time, while the government’s day-to-day performance has made the Avoices of the people rise.

If the government can’t deliver anything and keesp dropping inflation bombs at the behest of the IMF, then how will it go in front of the people? It is a matter of great concern to the people wandering in the corridors of power that their anti-people decisions will only lead to their drowning.

Attiya Munawer
Attiya Munawer
The writer tweets @AttiyaMunawer


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