PESHAWAR: Because of the unavailability of fertilizer for wheat crop in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), the farmers have expressed the fear that grain production will be affected by 40% in the province which is already facing food shortage.
The farmers warned that it would also make it difficult for the authorities to control flour rates in the market because of the low local production as the rate of 20 kilo flour bag has already raised by Rs400 to Rs500.
Arbab Mohammad Jamil, the head of farmers union Daudzai, said that the farmers were urgently needed fertilizers for wheat crop in September and November but it was not available in the market.
He said that it was sold in black due to which it prices was increased manifold. He informed the government has stipulated the urea sack price at Rs1800 but it was available in black at Rs3000 due to the government “incompetence” to maintain the rule of law.
Rizwanullah, head of the farmers’ board, said that the issue is not limited to wheat only as they also could not grow fodder for livestock which will also affecting the milk and meat protection in KP.  He said that low wheat crop will also means low fodder or bhoosa for livestock
Pakistan People Party (PPP) Member Provincial Assembly Ahmed Karim Kundi said that he has brought the issue of fertilizer crisis to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly however, the government failed to stop its “artificial shortage” in the market.
Kundi warned that now everyone will suffer as this situation continues then there will be severe shortage of wheat and flour in KP which will cause more difficulties for the inflation stricken people.
According to Kundi, KP government has already failed to ensure the supply of wheat to the flourmills due to which mills are now totally depended on Punjab for wheat. He said that the Punjab government often stops the grain supply to KP’s as a result the flourmills are under unending crisis.