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The sad incident of the unwilling killing of an innocent pedestrian by TikTokers caused goosebumps as it was not really a sight for sore eyes. How irresponsible we have been in a bid to attain cheap fame at the cost of risking innocent lives. The free and fearless exhibition of arms and ammunition must be banned especially when it’s done by the underaged.

The police investigation revealed that the guys were having unlicensed arms. In addition to this, they are minors who should not be given such harmful weapons in any case. Parents should see into it with hard hands to overcome such happenings. Social media stardom has caused a kind of mental illness and mental imbalance in youngsters which have completely obsessed them only for coming in limelight.

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In this race of getting followers and subscribers, they become like a bear with a sore head and can go to any idiotic publicity stunt risking theirs as well as others lives.

They are often caught up in such irresolute actions which cause innumerable and irredeemable circumstances for others with or around them. These youngsters often become itinerants and ambulant to record their futile films and vandalized videos to post on social media forums for getting cheap applause from their viewers.

All these stunts are done at the cost of their studies. Such things should not be done from that perspective. Recreation and excursions are never important if they risk the future. The parents should ponder over this grave issue as they can save their children from this social media addiction and can track them right on the path of their future.

The government should see into such a growing tendency of fake pomp and show in our youth, which they believe can be obtained by displaying arms and ammunition on social media forums.



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